[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

Me and Simon just get to the point.
And we literally have read each others’ mind here so that is true love.
No need to say about it, but it just is what it is.

This is purity, this is dedication.
Vote PKmon for your victors~

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I mean I have reasons I really wanna be in a neighborhood, but I’m also biased

im sorry pkr.
by being put into a neighborhood together we shall be forced to mindmeld at all opportunities

yeah whats the rule of 3 in this scenario? unfamiliar.

I don’t particularly like PKR being into a neighborhood as I don’t think he’s been particularly towny

Let’s do it, I think it is for the best if we mindmeld.
Plus since we are both focused on the goal ahead of us, I really think that we could use the neighbourhood to our full advantage.

L1ght calling Cent and Leafia both scummy, yet saying he doesn’t see them being W/W, is… something. It could be one of these:

  1. L1ght wanted to shade both of them to possibly get a miscuddle after the other one dies


  1. L1ght knew one of them is a wolf, and wanted to have ‘correct’ reads to seem more towny later on.

As much as I’d like my reads to not be even worse than what they were, I heavily doubt the second option.

generally that scum when listing one of x,y, and z is scum will include 1 scum. it isn’t foolproof by any means, but it’s suprisingly very often they’ll put exactly one scum on the list

And me and apprentice are both actually playing the game so like


I just haven’t been active.
Plus neighbourhoods are a good way of being to work out if someone has scum motivation behind them.
It allows Simon to keep a tab on me and vice versa.

Perfect for someone not too towny and not too scummy, no?

inb4 everyone votes themselves and that’s it

I would prefer to have a neighborhood with two people I’m pretty sure are town and can give thoughts and solve together

hammerman clear question mark


I’d want me and Appel voted because I think Appel is Town but tbh I haven’t done much this game so I kinda don’t deserve it lol.

Let me say this, I can prove my role and I think that it would be hard to say that scum have a version of this role.

I know mechanics are not the best, but I can be fairly mechanically sound here.

I don’t care about mech

For the most part

I mean I have mech reasons for wanting to be in a neighborhood here as well

I did acknowledge you might not care about mech with this sentence.
But I do ask you truly consider what I am saying Hammer, as I am being serious.

can polls be hammered early @clonedcheese