[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]



You can always pick up afterwards. I can also keep an eye on you better (and give more headpats)

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I thought it was a non-partnered reaction to me “calling out” l1ght


polls will close at EoD

whether that is from hammer or just normal eod

I know some people have used cuddles for the term of the thing that shall not be named so a cuddle fest does not sound like a particularly good time lol

Ah, you didn’t explain yourself so I was kinda confused about wtf you meant lmao

Do we all seriously have mech reasons to want to become masons with a player?

I mainly want a Mason so I’m motivated to actually do things, in DG if I wasn’t a mason and still NK I probably wouldn’t have done much.

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I 100% do but I cannot say it out loud.
But Simon is such a high townread to me that I can further say why to him.
If y’all trust Simon… then please trust in what I am saying.

I myself don’t have mech reasons I just want a neighborhood I can solve in

I mean neighborhoods do increase my motivation and help me solve, I’m just saying that’s not the only reason

real talk I just voted the one with the gif that was cute

Mist vote for me so me and apprentice can make gamer solves

Like my reason is 1 part mechanical and 1 part because it would definitely motivate me and I can see myself and Simon working together for solving.

It has all good intentions behind it, I can assure that.
But ofc this is if y’all trust me.
I wouldn’t lie to y’all, not when I am asking so much lol

Cuddles mean death sometimes in games. It is sinister despite being cute! Do not fall for it

Mist I’ll mail you a cookie if you vote for me

Also… I can now see that most of my posts at this point are in some way revolving around this neighbourhood thing. So that says about how important it is to me.

I think I am being too vocal about it and making myself a target due to it.

Reasons for me wanting to become a Mason (and why I want it to be with Appel):

  • Appel is probably my top Townread right now (like always)
  • Appel seems to actually know what’s been going on in this game and because my class is mechanic heavy, having someone else to talk about my abilities with would be good.
  • I need motivation to play this game.

Tbh, I’d rather die being cuddled than die being you know the last word.
So honestly, take what you can get.


Okay but you’re not gonna be a mason


You get what I mean by a mason, I’m tired.

Let me tell you that I feel like I need motivation right now lmao.
It is lonely just looking at the other thread.

That shot, it felt so good in my soul.
Yet now it feels like emptiness.

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