[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

I fucked up EoD timing yikes. I’m gonna fullclaim if I’m a serious wagon because absolutely fuck that

is anyone else here?

I am and you are indeed a serious wagon

im here. on and off.
playing the messenger and tabbing back in whenever i die


fullclaim time then I guess since we only have 10 min and not an hour and 10

could you try and defend youself without fullclaiming tho? and if you have to claim, maybe just flavor?

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9 mins remain

I mean scum gets fake flavor, but I will say that I fucking love MAIL

he was the one who claimed info on the NK so I would say let him go ahead

oh, fair enough

odd that you wouldn’t be in the other thread though

Mist can pick up on that I’m sure

ah. understood.
carry on

but I got full info on the NK for my class. Like I literally was sent their classcard

like i said i dont think which thread is which affects the characters there

This is all going so far over my head it is like a damn rocket

I’m like

still not interested in not killing apprentice based on that alone

oh. so i know the nk now at least

or rather the nk’s flavor

WV, Karkat, and Gamzee all flipped on the other thread