[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

yes. okay.
i stand by what i said

Their thought process feels fine in general, and they seem unbiased.

Their scumreads aren’t there to shade people, and they call out things like this

Impulsiveness comes from town here imo. Scum doesn’t exactly benefit from killing a slanker, unless Wazza & Geyde are a scumteam.
…To be fair, they could be. Depending on Wazza’s flip, I can’t see Geyde being anything but town.

I mean Mist’s earlier guess was close? or the same idk? Jack Noir is the NK

although, its a specific noir

if im reading this right

which jack noir?

dog jack noir?

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yeah it’s specifically Jack idk how the Noir’s work haven’t red it

just Jack Noir

you got his flavor.
which one makes sense to you?

honestly, just go on a wiki binge starting at your character. you’ll get some good context

anyway it’s weird for the wolves to be informed about the NK because of a fakeclaim but is also weird for them to claim that without having it

so either he’s town or he’s like, grimbark jade fakeclaiming or something like that

or his character is just a wolf role which is theoretically possible

I would guess 3p rival killer tbqh

yeah, but would he know enough flavor to fake claim like that?
im off app now tbh. /unvote @clonedcheese

That’s literally my entire class. I start knowing everything about NK

ah i understand. theres a discrepancy and i think mist might recognize the discrepancy, but it is also solved, and they might not recognize that

I think we are back to Wazza again?

That certainly is something. You outting that info immediately after the game started was a good look if anything.

would you flip with that info publicly revealed?

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:man_shrugging: i guess

The classcard of NK? I wasn’t told it was redacted