[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

We are looking for one (1) replacement.

PM the host if you want the position.

@Marshal @Chloe @TheBlueElixir and others

the moment when you message chloe so that you can ping them


Marshal has replaced in for Geyde.

Discussion of replacements = big bad.

Don’t do it.


Feedback has been sent. No feedback means you have slept peacefully.

A body is found. The crew, grieved.

Appelsiini has died!

They have been revived!

Battleship - Year 2


JADE: john i really think we are scraping the bottom of the barrel here
JOHN: no way! this game rules.
JOHN: i just never gave it much playing time before because…
JOHN: well, i guess i always had better things to do.

JADE: thats sort of my point!
JADE: where did you even get this?

JOHN: years ago i found it in a store on the bargain rack.
JOHN: it was only a dollar! isn’t that awesome?

JADE: :expressionless:

Bored shitless after a year on the Battleship, you have to now resort to some terrible measures…

The second year on the Battleship begins. The year will end 2020-07-11T16:00:00Z


You may begin talking. You may choose to execute 1 player today.



appel, do you know how you survived?

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Read my mind, why don’t you?

I may snapstrife Apprentice but I’d rather people check in

I need to say this because I know how bad Wazza flipping town looks on my slot.
I only voted Wazza because I had voted him earlier, I asked if Wazza would be the vote and I think I remember someone saying “Probably, yes” so I wanted to avoid ties.

I knew I was not going to be attacked last night, so I do ask if you want to strife me, anyone, then tell me first.

This thread is so much more boring than the other

where are y’all zzz

host forgot to ping @Marshal btw


Is their still anything worth fighting for?

no i didn’t
what are you talking about

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it is me

As a question

Is it balanced for a villager to be informed of a non-town role that exists with a rolecop in the game?

omg dybu dabu???

yes kyo, I have been saying this all game

it’s not a coincidence that Dave, karkat, gamzee, terezi, and WV were all on the meteor