[THREAD 1] Homestuck FM - The Battleship (Year 1) [6/8]

There probably are scum in this thread

but I don’t feel confident in my ability to find them atm

Don’t we vote the host instead of no Execute

oh we do

/vote clonedcheese @clonedcheese

guys my hammer passive is really good you should let me have hammer


its a reference to a really gamer game called lord of the rings forum mafia

we all had passives that worked depending on who got hammer

and we all wanted hammer

i mean tbh it’s better for it just to be public (aka via plurality)

so ideally we want it a l-2 or even l-1 where quickhammering is openwolfing (as it is only denying the game public info and not doing anything else)



EoD is in 20 minutes

I want to yeet host unless y’all have a better idea

who do we yeet

you know what

I’m legit down for this

/vote noyeet @clonedcheese

you have to vote host

its a whole thing

that says starting day 3, it’s just noyeet until then


well that’s gamer

you know what I got no sleep I can’t process things

/vote NoYeet @clonedcheese

marshal pings cheese 500 times while trying to figure out how things work

The other thread is probably just watching us in dissappointment lmao

you people (other thread people) are nerds btw

get ultragamered

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i looked up “gamer moment” for an image to post

boy was that a mistake

This is their punishment for quick hammering

I just did too

well gamers

specifcally hammerguy

u in with the noyeet or do you wanna go somewhere else

I would prefer it over Simon if those are my only options

But I would rather Execute PKR

I would make a case on PKR but I don’t have time and I’m still tired

I might vote him with a good case but rn I don’t find him all that wolfy

I mean I don’t either per say

But he and less so but still so mist are the people I don’t find particularly towny either