[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

Interesting that Zone_Q11 breaks up with Kyo and Centuries breaks up with an_gorta_pratai to pair with each other. It could be worth mentioning later.

Your posts are just as bad.

Don’t like this. The way Zone_Q11 is pushing and how hard he is pushing almost makes me think he’s a Scorned.

What is the tinfoil? I believe the mafia are able to communicate with each other even if they are in different threads.

“The mafia will communicate in a private message on the forums.”

I am liking the effort mathmods is putting in and attempts to be constructive even though they seem to be very new to this. @mathmods how many games of forum mafia and ToL have you played before?


forgot to set up deadchat

will exist shortly

I do not know if this was supposed to mean anything, but knowing L1ght, it very well could be. I have not read much of Thread 1 today but I do find it interesting how Appelsiini and Wazza both have a heart here and are both paired up. Additionally, Wazza’s(?) proposal feels a bit forced compared to the other two’s memeing.

90% of oB_L1ght’s posts were with KyoDaz.

It is mostly this part that feels forced to me. It’s all one sentence which makes it sound really awkward and inconvenient.

“and pairing with you seems fun since you’re one of my top townreads”

This post. Wow.

I’m suspicious that this is a player ability. @clonedcheese Do the mafia get 1 factional kill per thread or 1 factional kill total?

All information that the host will disclose is in the OP.

going to sleep soon

last call for pings until 2 hours before EoD

How about no? I really shouldn’t reveal today, but I will if I have to.

FMPoV this sounds like TMI, as we really don’t know how many gs are in each thread.

I am not. Why the heck are you helping Leafia as if you 100% know her alignment?
–also, at the time, she doesn’t look as if she was hyperposting, so I don’t understand why you’d think she was.

GDI. Does nobody read my explanation post!?

Worth mentioning how? Just like how my entire ISO is filled with Leafia PL BS Agenda, yours is filled with mine.
The only difference is that you never admit that you’re also a damn hypocrite.

No **** Sherlock, but at least I tell everyone that my posts are bad, unlike Leafia who doesn’t stop her LAMIST scummeta.

It’s called personal bias, and it’s something that is very, very hard to erase.

Plus, if I really were a Scorned, then who do you think are my targets? Do you truly think that RNG gods could’ve ever granted me both Leafia and Modeshifter, the two people I never tolerate, as my targets if I were to be a Scorned-like role?

PKR thought Mode’s death was a scheme made by Leafia to make both him and me look bad.
Hammer says that PKR is overthinking it.
I think Leafia is not smart enough to even scheme.

This has nothing to do with PKR’s tinfoil, and just states a seemingly already known fact.

Of course you just had to like the guy who voted me out of frustration. You’re no different than Leafia after all.

Yeah. Wait until you see my post about my reasoning.

Nice to see that, just like your pet, you also have the same tendencies to ignore everything that isn’t favorable to you.


Do literally none of you read this?
I can somewhat understand Ash’s vote since he had to make someone as a scapegoat for his “temporary vote”, but 4x4 is a literal Leafia 2.0 who is actually worse than the real thing!

At the very least Leafia talked to me about the status quo and tried to make an agreement to vote for whoever Ash votes who are neither her nor myself.

Then there’s mathmods whom is liked by 4x4.
Math’s last posts before he went to sleep were:

The first post was filled with:
• Him disliking my fight with Leafia. (Even though we somewhat settled down when he’d posted this.)
• Him saying he doesn’t like me because I am “incensing” him. (Understandable, but I had hoped for him to at least see where my logic is coming from.)
• Our fight somehow affected his townread on Centuries negatively. (I asked him why, but then he went to sleep.)

His second post was literally only filled with regret of coming over, and then he (presumably) snapvoted me.

It ain’t as if I can’t see Math is putting effort to be constructive, but that’s not my point.

His last post was only filled with something that is favorable to 4x4, so of course I would think that 4x4 would want to sweettalk him to be his puppet to fight against me.

I hate to admit it, but 4x4 has really been slipping for me lately. I hated his shot at Zone and I will admit that Gorta’s response to my suggestion that he be the lynch wasn’t the worst that I’ve ever seen, so I suppose that it’s possible that Gorta is town. I’m only guessing that we only have one more groupscum in this thread since it would make sense given the numbers of players in each thread and stuff. 4x4’s attempt at strifing Zone smells like a possible attempt by scum to get rid of a town that’s against another town and make it seem like he’s just a townie that genuinely thought that Zone was scum. It’s mostly the timing of the shot that I don’t like to be honest. The way I see it, there’s two choices for today’s execution. Either 4x4 or Gorta, and I’d be fine with either of them getting executed here currently. Since as much as I hate to admit it, I think the Zone/Leafia fight has been TvT this entire time. I’m sorry I suspected you Zone.

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I want to we vote 4x4, but then I ISO’d gorta and… I am starting to see why people don’t like him. In my case though, it was because of when he gave a weak result when I’d asked him to ISO Leafia.

…somehow, I have reached a dilemma.