[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

Okay but that was literally the most obvious scummy thing ever
I literally called it out

Now to figure out why you pointed that out, whether it was just an observation or to stop people from trusting me because you’re scum. A bit too early to tell right now the, but I’ll definitely have my eye on you. Slight scumlean for Centuries at the moment but it’s mostly a gutread.


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Modeshifter Zone_Q11 1/6

yell at me if mistakes

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I literally just pointed out that you did the same thing in a scumgame of yours? I’m not vonvinced you’re town just from your LAMIST

I don’t remember you being this aggressive as scum also ehh

vonvinced yes

Ignoring Centuries’ opener in Insurgency because it was unnatural in the sense he was softing PR with Blue Elixir.

Incredibly energetic, which is different to his opener here.

Very laid back, which is almost identical to his opener here.

I’m not even going to hunt for more because I knew this would most likely wind up NAI or arguably faulty because of special circumstances I could miss like PR softing as first post

I only just realised I didn’t even check his alignments in the games, but just assumed he rolled town because he’s been complaining about it 24/7
I should probably double check that

My man quoted a year old game

That’s why it’s only a gut read and it could change down the line. Not sure why you’re getting so defensive.

Hmmm, your slot could use a bit of pressure I think.

/vote Centuries @clonedcheese

I went onto your profile to find replies.

Welp. I got nothing for D1, and my attention is directed towards other games for the time being, so if anyone wants to start a random discussion, then just tag me.

@HammerMan, why do you believe Leafia’s vote is scum AI?
Without using terminology if you would


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Modeshifter Zone_Q11 1/6
Centuries Leafia 1/6

yell at me if mistakes

idk kinda weird you didn’t quote my most recent game’s opening

meh probably doesn’t mean anything

How is this just 30 posts as of now?

Also, I have mechanical information a claim vigilante exists in this thread.
Do not claim without having to claim.

Minor host announcement

I mean it’s allowed to quote and @ ppl in the other thread
kinda not flavorful
and defeats purpose
keep it to a minimum?
not gonna enforce this but keep in mind

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NAI ping post to say hi to everyone in the other thread

@Appelsiini :heart:
@Wazza :heart:

Oh whoops

I’m personally going to avoid doing this
I feel like it defeats the purpose as well