[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

That’s why I doubt Light is scum Zone.

Sounds like BS, but sure.

oB_L1ght has died.

They were…

Gamzee Makara


hOnK HoNk hOnK

Mafia Reanimator/Rampager

DoN’t TuRn YoUr BaCk On ThE bOdIeS (Night): Choose one dead player, and use one of their night actions. Their rolecard must be publically visible. Infinite uses.

ENGAGE MURDER MODE (Night): If you carry out the factional kill tonight, kill all other players that visit your target as well. 1 use.

Wincon: defeat all factions that pose a threat to you.


YOOO clean ash


it cant be bussing

i think

yeah ok ash is town

Yoooooo their opener was a soft!!

Ash is locktown for me now.

im not locking this shit town i see bussing every game

i still think its town

but im not locking this

Again: This smells like BS.

It wasn’t BS Zone.

It was BS Leafia.

No it wasn’t Zone now stop trying to make me look like acum. If we only have one more scum left in the thread which I find likely, it has to be you at this point.

I’m just glad I was wrong about Light not being scum.

I am not making you look like scum.
I am making you look stupid.

Aw… How cute.
So all of Centuries’ sins have been forgiven.
Don’t worry Cent, I got your back!

calling leafia town

oh thats weird

he’s like

“oh i called out leafia” but then called her over rand scum post before

agaisnt leafia lynch

shading leafia


oh this sure is a thing

maybe leafia looks better eh

shading me

kyo town?

his reads are weird

ye ash probs town

gorta town?


this is weird? town?

looks worse?

Nice try. You’re only making yourself look either stupid or scummy.

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idk i still want to think its zone town and leafia scum lol

the only thing that spews leafia as town is the read

i didnt account for neuts also

ehh town=neuts

It’s called being a cynist.
(Even though basically nobody understands what a true cynist is nowadays…)

just the other day i said im reading too much into spews