[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

Stop being biased that I’m scum and actually read my slot for once! Between you and Zone, I’m practically certain there’s at least one scum and I’m of the opinion right now that it’s Zone and not you.

you calling me biased

isnt real

im reading as scum the person i believe to be scum

you dont look better from the spew

I guess the strife is actually useful… Huh.

What I find interesting skimming through the posts that have been since I was gone is that Leafia and Zone are heavy-tunneling each other. I knew it was going to be bad, but them occupying the entire day?

I don’t like this blatant manipulation attempt using a third party…

also something i thought about

dont like, assume people are town because they weren’t interacting

for example, in dgadt scum coasted

I haven’t read Leafia properly yet, but this was a mention so I noticed it first, I’ll go through Leafia before making any decision.

there’s probably a nk here and we have to find him at one point

so yeah lets keep the pressure on rolling



Zone (scum if leafia v)




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Event 1 Voting:

Pairing 1: Centuries + Zone_Q11!

Kyo is definitely crazy. I would rather choose you over him.


Okay bro I accept… but please let me establish a “no homo” pact in this neighborhood. Here’s how it goes firstly safewords, if I ever scream “Toothpaste” then you are hereby forced to stop touching me

Here’s a list of stuff we can do that I will gladly accept doing but here’s a rule, no going past that.

We can hold hands, I’m always down to hold hands
We can kiss, as long as our tongues do not touch it is not gay
Anything past that is forbidden.

Pairing 2: ash4fun + fourfourfourfour!

bUCKET? }:]

σ(≧ε≦σ) :heart:

Vote for your favorite pairing! Polls will close at EoD

  • Centuries + Zone_Q11
  • ash4fun + fourfourfourfour

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post will be linked to OP soon

You are biased due to your paranoia about townreading me when I’m scum. You’ve even admitted it yourself and you’ve even said the spew does make me look better.

Do we want Ash in a neighborhood with this dude

Vote Zione now if you’re town since you’re calling him scum here since I’m town.

im calling him town until you dont flip town what


If I die, I’ll fli ppl town.

To anyone calling me openwolfing: Go ahead and kill me. I don’t have ITA BPV, so any shots going towards me has 15% chance of killing me.

Go ahead. Kill me.

If you don’t like me, then BE DUMB and GET RID OF ME.

Unlike Leafia who says that everyone townreading her is town, I think that everyone is already stupid.

I will forever maintain this anti-town meta, and you guys will forever PL either me or Leafia.

I will always clog the thread if you don’t kill me now. I have said these exact sentences in the past, and I will do so again in the future.

For the record: Everyone includes me, dumbasses.

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I’m partially in agreement with you here Zone.

Of course you are. You only repeat words that you like to hear, and ignore the ones you don’t.

“I am not dumb. You are.”
It’s a literal mind of a toddler, and that’s why everyone hates you.

no one mentinoned the role

rampage is an actual thing