[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

Is the mafia this game a GF sending out their members to attack? I don’t entirely understand the second ability of light. (How could he use it in any meaningful way?)

gf is like tos gf

not *******

Event 2!

Witch of Space Powers Activate!

Jade has opened up a dimensional gateway between the two threads, allowing for some limited communication!

You may vote in the other thread’s Event 1 voting.

You still may not talk, like, or interact with the other thread.


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…? What about it?
It’s also what Werewolves do in ToS.

so dont visit like

ash unless ure a protective

In all the games I’ve played, all maf get to submit night actions. One action that they all have access to is the factional kill, which can only be used by one person per night.

Oh… so that’s why I was allowed to vote.

Ah, okay. It didn’t really make sense for there to be a gf with claimvig and rampager.

But… the Rampager is dead though?

I totally did not just pull this out of my ass right now

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i liked pkr until pkr said something

i still like simon

i dont really like any other options

take my vote pkr

Only you hate me and I voted PKR and Simon for the record from Thread 1. I trust those two more than the other two pairings at the moment.

someone claimed an nk can do the same thing

the original claim in thread 1 was

“NK can rampage kill”

Hmm, we’d also assume with higher numbers here that the nk is in this thread.

vote for me and zone nerds

we dont want ash to claim :sunglasses:

Sure. Keep telling yourself that. My words are 100% always fake anyways, am I right?

Yeah, Apprentice IIRC.
I guess this means he is confirmed town?

not really lol

Why not? Why would a non-town out that information?