[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

But… neither of them self-pressed.

/vote Leafia


there’s too much agaisnt the slot and honestly I’d feel even worse if she’s scum and doesn’t die because I didn’t push my read

To be more accurate, they technically did, but the pushes to self-pres dropped as time went on.

Earlier you scumread me because I had self preservation. Also, I didn’t have self preservation in DGaDT and I was town there. You guys need a townie you can trust and it’s obvious that you don’t trust me almost at all.

… like, you’re probably more likely to get noexe by staying on leafia…

but we aren’t going to to noexe.

That’s final

Well @KyoDaz? Are you going to BS your way out of this one or will you push to save Leafia?

You’re right, except I doubt I can get the support necessary to execute him in only 20 minutes.

Are you accusing me of assisting Leafia as a scum partner

Voted Voters Votes
Leafia an_gorta_pratai, ash4fun, Centuries 3/5
mathmods Zone_Q11, leafia, KyoDaz 3/5
Zone_Q11 fourfourfourfour 1/5
NoExe mathmods 1/5
Not Voting 0

I’d prefer for someone to die than it being a nolynch, yes. Though I thought I was worse off than Leafia because Leafia’s claim was stronger than mine?

/Vote Leafia @clonedcheese

I’ve quite frankly gotten tired of having to save my scumteam over and over again.
I can assure you, even if I were scum with Leafia, I wouldn’t be attempting to save them.
I got over that with Light in Dreaming God.

…I guess so? I also never liked the fact that you RT’ed me when I wasn’t even online though.

… What
I didn’t reaction test you?

You voted her, and then unvoted once you saw that she was at L-1. Then you said you would’ve unvoted her if you had seen me type.


… Yes, because I wouldn’t want her quick hammered.
I was reaction testing her to see if she’d claim she missed a negative utility passive on her rolecard.

You’ll feel horrible if you don’t change your vote and that’s a fact.

Zone is right. We can only know for certain if 4x4 is town if we execute Ash. I think we’ve been giving him too much credit. /vote Ash @clonedcheese

Voted Voters Votes
Leafia an_gorta_pratai, ash4fun, Centuries, mathmods 4/5
mathmods Zone_Q11, KyoDaz 3/5
Zone_Q11 fourfourfourfour 1/5
ash4fun leafia 1/5
Not Voting 0
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That’s the only important thing. We get lots of info by lynching Ash here regardless of his alignment and I think there’s a good chance he flips neutral.


Also, 99% sure this is angleshooting