[THREAD 2] Homestuck FM - The Meteor (Year 1) [5/10]

… Why do you have no regrets on Leafia’s execution
They weren’t even playing too anti-town

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I have been wanting for her death ever since 1 hour from the start of the game.
I definitely told the truth about my suspicion in my reasoning wallpost, but the peace-talk after that was just me 100% lying. I still don’t want to play with her. Yeah, I am that much of a jerk.

They way they handled the push on them was god awful
I would never endorse OMGUS strategies as Town
But it definitely wasn’t enough to consider executing her over
What an atrocious EoD

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I told people that I had meta read them on the Pro Mafia discord

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What the heck? Why did it say that I reacted to this?

Do we have a bus driver?

Meh. It could’ve been worse.

…oi @Leafia, are you even allowed to like posts post-mortem?

This kill makes absolutely no sense.

Mathmods wasn’t killed for mechanics. I don’t believe it.
Their cop claim isn’t nearly as strong enough as myself.
Especially after I was spewed town from Leafia’s execution

Maybe if mathmods didn’t claim that atrocious 25% silent redirection chance.

Didn’t see it. Wouldn’t have cared about it anyway.

Yeah… Dunno why scum would kill the mentally insecure cop.
Then again, I don’t know who else would’ve been a better target.

maybe they were afraid of nk

there’s been no nk kill right

I doubt mathmods is the NK kill

No NK kill, and App claimed NK info in the other thread. Chances are it’s in their thread.
I don’t see why they’d be afraid of NK in this thread.

I mean

do we know if it happens in the person with info’s thread

idk how game was randed

I’m pretty sure roles are supposed to be in certain threads based on flavor analysis of the other thread.
Think roles were dedicated in certain thread then randed to players.

  • …? They were afraid of NK? Who are “they”?
  • There seems to be no NK kill in either thread. Maybe they didn’t do anything?

They is scum?

I mean what else could they mean?