Throne goes FREE to play Dec 18th!

:mega: I am excited to announce that Throne will be going FREE to play with our target relaunch date of December 18, 2020 @ 6pm EST! :tada::tada:

As always, we continue our commitment to no loot boxes, no pay-to-win.

This means many exciting things, such as lower queue times, new faces, and better offpeak timezone support, (We <3 you, too, EU/Aussie players)!

As we grow, we want to thank all our veteran players that helped us reach this point: We’ll be tossing our premium players the exclusive title (that will be the 1st title to stand out by more than just words) as well as the exclusive Veteran avatar. We urge our current veterans to take advantage of the premium goldflow/prices before we switch over~

:moneybag: Claim 1,000gp shortly after the relaunch by simply pre-registering with your email here:

Current Users: After pre-registering, be sure to update your email in your in-game “Account” section if you skipped out on email during registration via the newsletter sub section.

Users awaiting F2P: In-game, be sure to use the same email used in the pre-registration link above. Then wishlist us @

*More info in Discord #news

–Xblade @



I’m torn on this. I like that it’s more players, but it will also result in a lot more gamethrowers and toxicity. Just look at town of salem. Lots of players, but there is almost always at least one gamethrower/toxic player. I think it will be fine for a year or so, but after we get more popular you should revert back to pay2play


xblade should make SFoL 61 a gamemode
or virtous (but with cult instead of hand)
i am being serious
here’s the link to the setup for those who want to know

obviously the voting mechanic probably isn’t going to be a thing, but the classess would be awesome

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i am joyed

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I didn’t expect this to actually happen
Let’s see how this goes from here!

I think this is a good desicion.
How are you going to capitalise on the advantages of F2P, xBlade?

I wouldn’t mind replaying SFoL 61.5 as scum again and not getting caught D1.

Our prices are stupidly cheap while premium (so much that… even if we remained premium, I’d still raise the prices). We’d also charge a small ‘court fee’ per match, charged once confirmed in-game on d1. Which isn’t a big deal because you still get gold whether you win or lose, but at least it’s some sort of “consumable” and discourages leavers while alive.

We’re hoping for folks to buy gold for aesthetics. We’re adding 2 more tiers. We’ll later add more to the customization shop (and certainly higher quality than we had before).


This is going to be really healthy for our game.


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This… Will be, interesting… But its defenitely gonna be cool to watch!

Will there be any other changes in v4.0?

XBlado said like 10 patches or something I think

I think this was necessary.

It’ll definitely help. From experience of what happened over at ToS, axing free to play was a necessarily evil in the face of invading bot swarms but starved them of new players and caused a number of headaches for the expansion.

The downside is the influx of newcomers will be positively awful at the game initially, which may rub the vets up the wrong way, so it’ll be an interesting test of the community. But speaking in advance as one of those newcomers, I’m looking forward to it. :wink:

Edited OP for launch time (6pm EST)