Throne of Lies does not have ISO

Why do we


For any confused, “ISO” is the ability to view one player’s posts “in isolation”, showing only what they have said.


Great question!

I was going to tag Guides as a joke but apparently you can actually do that.

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that’s my job

i dont have an alt to do it with so please forgive me


because we are too good

Cuz FM is played by completely different people, with completely different wishes.

also because this is a discourse forum and turning it off is insanely hard


But yea, ISO is mostly used for metagaming and therefore bad. There are indeed some tol players who would play fol, but wont, cuz of this metagaming stuff

In fact there is a way to prevent ISO: set your profile on private.
I had that when I started, but I got a warning from the host to make it public

while this post is a joke

give alt games :eyes:

i know who you’re talking about but is there more than just one person who you know of with this stance

it’s used for reading a player’s posts in isolation

scrolling through a 3000+ post thread is very agonizing

Its used for ISOing old threads as well

Clearly the players should suffer if they want to get reads/information :^)


no pain no gain 4head

Fol is just an over-long turbo :wink:

turbos are just fast slow games

turbos aren’t self resolving

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