Throne of Lies FM - Game Over (Mafia and Ritualist WIn)- 5/16


  1. Obey all general Forum rules.
  2. The uninformed majority is called the BLUE DRAGON.
  3. Our scouts are too afraid to tell us who the informed minority are. But they exist.
  4. This game is Explicitly Bastard. Expect weird mechanics, lies, and fucked up bullshit in general.
  5. Due to this game’s status as a bastard game, Wisdom of the Mod is in play. New players and known slankers will not be allowed to join for the sake of the rest of the players.
  6. Majority is disabled. Plurality is enabled. In the case of a tie, the player who recieved more votes first is Executed.
  7. Days will be 48 hours. Nights will be 24 hours. Unless otherwise stated.
  8. You may communicate with players about the game outside of the game, so long as Icibalus is included in this communication at all times.
  9. This game is definitely not inspired by MANTICHORA again. That game was called Town of Salem FM. Totally different.


  1. Wazza - Died Day [3] - CHRONOMANCER
  2. Simon - Killed Night [1] - SHERIFF
  3. DatBird - Survived Victorious - CONSIGLIERE
  4. Italy - Survived Victorious - POACHER
  5. Marshal - Killed Night [1] - PRIEST
  6. Possessed - Killed Night [6] - INQUISITOR
  7. Arete - Killed Night [3] - KNIGHT
  8. PoisonedSquid - Endgamed - DRUNK
  9. Sulit - Killed Night [5] - MAID
  10. SirDerpsALot - Lynched Day [6] - PRINCE
  11. N.1 - Killed Night [4] - RITUALIST
  12. darth_tabor - Lynched Day [5] - BUTLER
  13. Emilia - Lynched Day [4] - ALCHEMIST
  14. Ami - Lynched Day [3] - NOBLE
  15. ZoneQ11 - Endgamed - MEDIUM
  16. Mist1422 - Lynched Day [2] - GODFATHER

Lost Souls

  • DatBird

Watchers of the Night

  • Jgoesgaming
  • Astand
  • Universal

It is still dark. Do not post, or DM anybody until day is announced.


  • Every discord server/DM where a player is a point of discussion but the player in question cannot read is not adds Rumour points to the player discussed.
  • Rumour affects the strength of player’s abilities.
  • The players with the lowest four Rumour values are UNKNOWN
  • The players with the next four Rumour values are RECOGNISED.
  • The next four are RENOWNED.
  • The top four Rumour counts are FEARED.
  • As an example, if there was a series of numbers like such: 1/2/3/4, which number this counts as depends on what your Rumour level is.

16 people walk into their office to see a group of workmen working on the Tannoy. Some Little Shit broke it as a hillarious prank the previous day. They are employees of ThroneCorp, a company based in Adiart City, a city well-known for shenanagins curiously resembling the party game Lycanphropes, also known as Syndicate, developed by Dimitri Dimitrikhov Dimitri Dimitronivitch Jr. in the late USSR (Unruly Silly Slithering Rumpus). Fortunately, no such thing could ever happen to them?

Words cannot describe how wrong they were without resorting to needlesss use of swearwords.

Somebody’s blown up the giant bridge that leads to the business park where the Offices are based. Ignoring the fact that whoever located the building was an asshole who thought it would be a good idea to place some regional offices on top of a pristine archeological site well-known for being the location of the Social Deduction Bullshit Of 1647, a famous historical event in this very realistic timeline, this means they are now trapped in their offices.

There’s also the deeply unfortunate fact that all those workmen just dropped dead. So, in accordance with the way these things usually go, they’ve decided to hold a tense, deep, and horrifically morbid vote every… vaguely day-like cycle, time’s gone a bit funky recently, don’t worry about it… in order to decide who should be…

sprayed with a super soaker. The worst punishment in this culture. How fucking dare they murder somebody? Honestly, these 16 people are perfectly justified. Don’t worry about the 17th one. We don’t talk about it.

Day [1] begins. You may now talk, and create DMs to discuss things about the game so long as I am included. You have 48 hours to decide who to ceremonially soak. (Spoilers: This will actually kill them.)



Anyway, two questions for everyone:

Which player do you think will be easiest to read and why?
How do you think we can best use the outside of game messaging system?

first is the worst, second is the best.

Fight me Marshal

I am becoming a large fan of this RQS thing

for me, derps bcuz he is just ez to read and he can read me ez
i don’t get #2

Have you come up with any strategies to use it? Any fears?

Marshal wanna chat?

Time to make a masonry chat with Arete

maybe people who want rumor poionts come out and ask that

sure fake mason

>Please include @Jane @astand and @Universal in your DMs as well as me, as they are spectating the game. It would save me some hassle.

Also guys don’t talk about me THAT much but feel free to sometimes mention me. Don’t spam me with rumors pls

If anyone wants to have a nice chat I am sulit#6637

owo owo

im not sure if i want to be mentioned or not

so just mention me normally

Marshal make a chat with me I’m lazy