Throne of Lies Interactions: Q&A

Oh wait I wasn’t aware of this. Assassin appears as Phys when disguised?

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To investigative abilities, a Disguised Assassin will be treated as if they are a Physician.

Princess flirts them as Social/Support.

If there was a BD class that could check them for their exact class, they would get Physician.

Also, I believe that Inq with an Assassin heretic who interrogates a disguised Assassin will get Physician heretic.

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That is correct.
Like Napoleon said, for purpose of Princess Flirt (or if there was a BD class that could see certain classes on its own), Disguised Assassin appears as a Physician (S/S).

Also Napoleon’s point about Disguise + Interrogate interaction is correct as well.

A mod should update this for 3.0.0 (it seems Ans left the forums :frowning:)