ToL All Any Mode

(Suggested by Intensify)

Minimum requirements

10 players
1x MM or CL
1x NK
1x King (does not count towards BD count)
1x Prince (Does count towards BD count)
1x Constable (Does count towards BD count, more info below)
BD must be greater than or equal to the number of non-BD plus three.

General spawning and wincon rules

MM, assa, CL, scorned, merc, SS, inq, prince, Mystic, and hunter are unique. Unseen cap at three, while Cult caps at four but can start with any number so long as it complies with the above requirements. Anything else can spawn without a cap unless the rand does not comply with the requirements set above.

Sheriff and Paladin are merged to become Constable, with Scout to detect Unseen visits and Smite to stop CL (no surv). Expert Investigation will not tell you whether or not your target was Unseen or Cult.

Cult and unseen do NOT win with each other. They cannot convert each other either. NKs do not win with each other.

Interaction details

If a possessor jumps a reaper with souls, the Reaper will consume a soul and switch bodies with the poss.
If a MM and CL convert the same person, they will become unseen and CL will get a “cannot convert” result.
Unseen and Cult are incompatible with each other, framed people are compatible with both (except for In the Shadows MM).

I think that sums up all the interactions.






He just suggested the all any part. The rest was me

@Oogway also showed interest



I blame Kape.

Also this why

well uh, this is not what i meant

this is technically not All any

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Literally just 16 Any roles.
Could end up with multiple NKs…

that what i want >:)

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I think it sounds good.

you guys are boring. having 3 NKs in one game always sound awesomely fun

No no we did that once

Was it FoL 6?

Old FOL were scary times huh…