ToL All Any Turbo [0/10+]



Please follow the Forum Game Rules. You are required to follow the forum rules


Days will be 7 minutes long, or shorter if someone dies
Nights will last as short as possible.
Actions are done by messaging me
Unseen and Cult talk in a private forum chat.


To accuse someone say “/accuse [player]” or “/vote [player]”. To point at someone as King, type /point finger
When someone is on Trial they will be able to post a defense, during this time no-one except for the accused and the King should post, everyone will then vote Guilty or innocent by messaging me, or the king may type /force execute or /force pardon publicly, during this time everyone can speak.
Executions end the Day
Trials pause the counter
There cannot be more than two trials in a day.


Message me your entire journal, the last draft I receive before you die shall be the one displayed

To Join

To join, simply express interest in joining by saying something like “I want to join” or “/join” or “/in” or “sign me up, coach” or whatever you want


Oh boy, here we go. We’ll mostly be adhering to the ToL class cards and the rules stated here. To better suit the forums, the following exceptions will be made:
Mystic - Telepathy returns with two uses
Illusionist/Apostle/Scorned/Fool - TB replaced with two-use Telepathy
Possessor - Possess is changed to: You will die and your target will become the possessor. They keep any used up charges of your abilities, and you will win with them and the person they jump if they do.


  1. player1 - King - Alive
  2. player2 - Alive
  3. player3 - Alive
  4. player4 - Alive
  5. player5 - Alive
  6. player6 - Alive
  7. player7 - Alive
  8. player8 - Alive
  9. player9 - Alive
  10. player10 - Alive

@Oogway You were saying?

uhm now is this all any?


What is your definition of all any

also love how it has to be exactly 1k characters


It’s just the default thing that I was too lazy to change

remove trials or riot

no i mean i dont understand why you created an another thread

I want to stick close to ToL

This is a turbo game that you can join and play on these forums

throne of lies bad
didn’t you learn this by now :kappa:

no u

7 minutes and trials I dont think u understand how like rushed that is. Sure tol is faster. But geez man. That seems a lot on u

so instead I will overthrow Pigeon and host a GI turbo here

I hosted a 5 minute turbo. I had fun doing so even if the players didn’t

@thepigeonnyc your goal as a host is to make the players have fun
if that is not your goal you are probably a bad host

But 2d3 doesn’t have day abilties hmmmm

this explains a lot

5 minutes can be fine. With maj/plur but with trials. :eyes:

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