ToL game with people on the forums (CANNED)

So, I wanted to test if playing ToL with people from the forums would make the game townsided, so I made a private lobby: tol-r-0f1ad4d1-ebd6-42b6-a2df-00ca6ef66cb2=

I would like to see what happens

Gonna can this if people don’t respond in 10 minutes

is that meant to be a link? i tried to click it and nothing happened

No, just input it in “invite code” in ToL

But chances are I’m canning this b/c no one has joined. I have an idea:

  • Interersted
  • Unavailable

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something like this would probably need more time to garner interest

a lot of players here doesn’t really play ToL that much as well

Would anyone ever want to do this? If so, when is a good time to do so?
  • I would love to!
  • This just sounds like a crazy idea Pigeon randomly had

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Please respond with availability days/times.

I’m probably available 2020-10-18T14:00:00Z2020-10-19T01:00:00Z.