ToL Neutral Suggestions

Also remember that the goal/wincon of a class is not necessarily the same as the point of that class.

The point of a class is just how that class improves the game. What does it bring to the table. What function does adding this class serve for the overall experience ect.

The goal is what the player who rolls the class is trying to accomplish.

Hence why there are so many suggestions for making neutral kings retain their old wincon.

Remember that attempting to be converted DOES defeat the point of being BD.

So attempting to become Neutral King can defeat the point of your class on occasion. Sellsword in particular is a bad case of this.

Unlike BD trying to become scum however this isn’t true in all cases because neuts have more varied functions.

  • Make Merc unique

Unsure on this tbh
It means less mercs but also it makes me more special


I almost wrote @Mercenary instead of just Mercenary but this is a serious enough post that I didn’t want to joke around too much~

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It’s my role to joke every serious post I see talking about Mercenary


It gives conflicting messages of the purpose of Scorned.

I disagree, how is giving Scorned one last chance to win changing the purpose of Scorned?

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Well, it doesn’t feel like clutch winning and winning more mesh together.

I look at it in a similar vein to Fool, who can win while reaped.

It’s a small buff to the hardest non-NK neutral.

If you play well, you can win more.

Otherwise, you have one extra chance to secure a win you wouldn’t have previously had.

scorned is one of the easiest neuts

i think i had like a 70% scorned winrate when i played TOL

Which neutral do you think is harder than Scorned?

Given half of them can win just by existing.




fool is the same amount of easy

and SS is the easiest

In this current meta? Merc practically wins for free if they don’t die N1/N2 and Inq as well.

Alch can claim D1 and go AFK and probably still win half of the time.

While I think some players overestimate how hard Scorned is, I think it’s the only neutral that even requires effort to win at the moment. Which is why I don’t see harm in a tiny buff for it.

scorned is easy for vets.

harder to get screwed over n1.

probably easier for vets and harder for newbies.

Depends on who you want to balance for

Scorned is easy for people who are willing to actually push on anyone and hard for people who just mark people all game and hope someone hits their frames


yeah the frame isn’t how you win scorned.

I’m willing to concede that Scorned needs a buff (there is a reason it’s italicized in the OP); but I still don’t see a world where it’s not the hardest neutral :wink:

Mostly cause every neutral is easy

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literally the strat is

disg d1 neuts as NK

“flirt” them K/O

get them exed with little to no resistance minus mechanics.

n2 just frame or disg someone and say they “attacked” with WoW.

alternatively, “flirt” a S/S or S/I claim as K/O and disgusie them as prince and make everyone think they gamethrew as you laugh from the grave

frame is the far more +ev move n2

but disguse is funnererer

I had a game the other day where the Scorned got their second mark by disguising the NK as the class they were fakeclaiming as

it was a pretty good meme

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