Torturer (Neutral Killer) - An evil counterpart and soft counter to prince

The Torturer :star: :shield: :i42: :fire:

Neutral Killer
Dominator (Passive): Immune to Occupy and Redirect, Death Immune at night.
Kidnap (Day Ability): Select a player to imprison within your torture chamber, tonight. (Identical effect to Prince’s Imprison ability) (Infinite uses)
• The Torturer may freely edit their captive’s Logbook at night. Edits are only saved if the captive is killed. If the captive is killed, any edits made by them are discarded.
• The Torture chamber appears identical to the prison for the purpose of subterfuge, and the Torturer will appear as the Prince while talking to their captive.
• If a Torturer imprisons the Prince, the Prince’s day ability fails, and vice versa.
• If both players imprison one another, Prince’s Imprison fails and the Prince is kidnapped.
• If both Prince and Torturer target the same player, Imprison takes priority over Kidnap, and Torturer goes into standard night-mode. (“Your target was imprisoned by the Prince.”)
• If no prisoner is selected, the Torturer prowls the palace’s main courtyard at night. (or a dark corridor of the palace if that’s too much modeling work)
• Immunity to Kidnapping is gained separately from immunity to Imprisonment, but functions in the same way.
• Other players targeting the captive with their night abilities receive feedback as if the captive was imprisoned.
Prepare (Day Ability): Tonight’s Hit and Run attack bypasses Death Immunity. (1 use)
If instead the Torturer is imprisoned that night, the Prince’s Execute ability secretly fails, and the Torturer kills the Prince. This attack ignores Death Immunity and bypassing healing. When the Prince is killed in this way, their logbook is purged.
Mutilate (Torture Chamber Ability): Executes kidnapped player, functioning identically to the Prince’s Execute ability. (Infinite uses)
• Feedback: You were tortured to death by your captor!
Dress Corpse: (Torture Chamber Ability) Mutilate your captive and choose the class of the body they leave behind. (2 uses)
Hit and Run. (Night Ability) Standard attack. Usable only while you have no captive.(Infinite uses)
Kill all members of the main factions.

The old prison warden has a vendetta against the king and his subjects, ever since the prince replaced him.

Design Intent:
This class was designed to hard counter an Open Claim Prince meta and I think I’ve succeeded in doing that.

Additional implications of including this class: Improves claim space for all evil classes, by introducing further uncertainty of the identity of the dead, and introduces the first evil class that can claim to be the Prince, provided the prince was killed through Dress Corpse.

If the Torturer turns out too weak after play-testing, we might consider allowing players targeting the captive to receive feedback on their night abilities as if the captive wasn’t imprisoned, though protective abilities would secretly fail. (Barring a healing ability empowered by a Court Wizard)

There is a concern with the Torturer’s ability to see and edit logbooks where players might start keeping their notes in private only. I personally am not sure if this is even a problem. If nothing else, it starves the BD of information and the Torturer is only slightly inconvenienced.


This is the kind of class that I think might shake things up a bit too much; but at the same time I’d really like to see it in temporarily to see how it plays out. The game is kind of built around the Prince in a way, though. He is the confirmed BD, changing that changes everything.

I think exchanging vote control of any kind for infinite strongman kills and occ immunity may be interesting, but might result in a frustrating NK to play in an endgame situation.

I feel like this is just gonna make people start using Private Notes to hold their logs in order to counter this. I believe this wasn’t too uncommon back when Nobles could just look at them, but not too necessary at the moment because the only class who can do this (Marshal) has little need to do so.

The logbook editing thing is mostly meant to cover your tracks and to mess with people’s heads.
I think encouraging using private notes is a good thing :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see what you mean, though. Keeping logs blank would ruin this class’ day.
Could allowing the torturer to also edit their captive’s private notes be a solution?

And cuz of Poss.

But yeah I don’t like the usual “I delete my logs out of spit or because it could be poss game” mentality
Because BD loses a lot of info then


I don’t like the idea of having Private Notes be visible to any class but yourself


I think it would fit the thematics of a Torturer very well, though. You could see it as him torturing their private information out of them :smiley:

EDIT: That said, I think if I were to implement this change, I would make it possible for torturer to read and copy the private notes, but not edit them.

For now I’ll edit in that change, until I(we?) think of a better solution for the No Logs counter-play. Changed my mind.

stores logs in a notepad on my second monitor

Take that, Torturer!

I actually just realized that possibility after replying to you. Here’s what I added to the main post after some more thought:

There is a concern with the Torturer’s ability to see and edit logbooks where players might start keeping their notes in private only. I personally am not sure if this is even a problem. If nothing else, it starves the BD of information and the Torturer is only slightly inconvenienced.

The torturer appears as prince in his torture chamber, so people staying silent in jail would be very risky for them to do.

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As Katze brought up, people could just keep their logs in a notepad outside of the game entirely. Even on physical paper, even.

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This is what I always did in ToS, brought to ToL, and still do because I can always have it open

I don’t have a second monitor though, I just play in windowed

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imagine not playing in windowed

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That would be cool to see a hallway of the castle. We don’t know what much of it looks like.

FYI, you shouldn’t really be reviving year old threads.

says the person who did the same thing a few days ago