Town of Salem has ISO Now

Why don’t we


For any confused, “ISO” is the ability to view one player’s posts “in isolation”, showing only what they have said.


you just click their name and view their posts in the topic

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I think he’s suggesting it as a ToL feature rather than a forum feature (since, as you mentioned, the forum already has it).


it was crossed out you nerd

Town of Salem doesn’t have ISO feature, I don’t think.

It sounds like it’s a newly introduced feature?



good that we’re not tos 4head

There are a lot of reasons against ISO… just a few here.

  • It removes legit chaos strats. and this is HUGE. ToL would be basically a different game.
  • It removes being able to lay low, both as evil and as good
  • It promotes massclaims
  • As player you would have to try to “appear towny” now all the time… which would increase the pressure and makes the game less relaxing
  • It encourages a lazy way of social deduction
  • It really discourages evils to even try
  • The game is balanced for having not ISO, ISO would make the game hella BD sided
  • The game is a turbo where you are supposed to not know everything from every player the whole time. The game is about time management too. If you would add ISO, we would need to make the day/night cycle even shorter
  • Most players will not use it or are not interested in using this. Most tol players have no interest at all to add this, and see it as more damaging than helpful
  • There is a similiar mechanic already which allows you to filter all system messages out and vice versa
  • It is a feature which makes the life of veterans easier and newbies harder, which is obv a huge no-go
  • It’s hard to implement

I personally don’t see any positive side on ISO


Now Im not a coding expert,(I have coded a game before and have written a good bit of code) and I dont know how TOL was coded except that it was done in unity, but realistically I dont think it be too bad from my experience in Unity especially if you already have a system in place to filter out certain messages like system message like you said. But thats just my two sense.

wether it needs it or not idrc, but like coding wise prob not to hard

It’d be quite a lot of work to implement it as far as I can see

Seeing as it’s already sorted by player and theres already an option to turn of select messages like system messages it honestly sounds like turning off any from players x through y except z. The backline should already be coded in. It’s just a matter of flipping switches. Even dead chat is an example of it working.

To be honest, worst thing that could happen would be that people start these metagaming strats they are doing here in the forums already. We probably would need to remove the ability to choose your own name and use any title/armor/weapon which would help to identify you

Like I’m not fighting you there cause honestly idc if it gets added or not, doesnt really sway my opinion of the game. I’m just saying coding wise. Its prob a simple implement as they have most of the code there based on how dead chat and system messages work.

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I have to go to sleep so I can’t respond fully yet but people already do that and I don’t think the presence or absence of an Iso feature is the limiting factor

‘Arete claiming Obs, they are definitely evil’

That’s only because you yourself are saying it in the public :wink:

priestess claiming neutral is always bd

not true, once she was CL

That’s the exception which proves the rule
No for real, if I claim neutral… I can be everything. I’m fighting all metagaming attempts by beeing unpredictable