Town of Salem has ISO Now

i mean tol is still ahead in many ways, obviously, but the Blue Dragon is mostly comprised of more powerful ToS roles, with the exception of my beloved Chrono

And tos roles are just mafia roles and FM is just mafia roles. It’s like they all started somewhere but where

Idk anything about tos really, but it seems for me like a “do a massclaim and lynch all players who have double claims” game

Its not

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you are correct, but in terms of the complexity of any given night and how hard it is to tell what happened it’s not as far behind as you think

But yea, since I don’t know it, I obv can be wrong
And I don’t know anything about the hard mechanics which happen there.
If it has a similiar indepth like this thread, then I retract it

and how many times do you have to do complex logic chains involving those weird interactions

Every second game at least?

i have played ToL
trust me
you do not

Like… you literally need the Maid Q&A in any game with a Maid.
Similiar with other classes.

If the statement you made is how you define “depth”, as in “it’s possible to win with only this”, then yes

side flex: the longest section for any individual class was literally my fault. i have done well

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maid is just parity cop
you don’t actually need it if you’re not a coward
the only reason that royal blood interacts with it is to stop people just picking Prince over and over

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I needed over 20 days and 5 hours reading time to understand Chronomancer… and multiple Guides explaining it to me, lul. :wink:

And taking prince as parity is literally wasting each second night.

not really
because you know for certain the allignment of the person you just checked, it’s fairly easy to make a chain of parity

Not since Neutrals and Royals exist.
(and frames. and disguises)

i literally mentioned that’s the only reason why that royal thing exists

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maid was an FoL thing for ages before it was a ToL thing

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You can fake claim royal if you are evil and get matched with a royal.

that’s not relevant
i was just explaining why maid is as complex as it is rather than simple isn’t because of “mechanical depth” but because of neccecity

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