Town of Salem has ISO Now

Mostly because of neuts, but yea

That’s mechanics, you should love it


That sounds unbalanced and boring

can we comprehend the sheer irony of the fact that the two most complex and fiddly BD classes were both designed by FoL players for FoL


That is

ToS isn’t entirely that, althought it was a few years ago

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And even then only in high ranked

Well they aren’t exactly the same at least :upside_down_face:

They’re damn similar

i dig it

why is it crossed out its a brilliant suggestion

this is also sarcasm

no chrono is exactly the same as when I did the second draft of it moving on from its’ early form as a CW rework

that’s true, ToL Maid has a useless night ability that I’ve used once in my 777 hours


Archer for ToL when

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When it stops to be a guiltless Knight

CW is more complex because of spaghetti than chrono imo


good point, we should just make Knight in ToL guiltless :^)

It has guilt, just a different kind.


:^) :^) :^)

Guilt = suicide guilt
that’s how we use that word in tol, sorry

basically what i’m saying is that i’m the scourge of ToL. i unleashed chrono upon this world and no fool could stop me.

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