Triple Threat Mode

1x King (60% BD, 20% Unseen, 20% Cult)
1x MM (First convert gains Apprentice, N1 convert is randomized and guaranteed if no one else is converted. Foresight is unusable N1.)
1x CL (N1 convert is randomized and guaranteed if no one else is converted. Eradicate is unusable N1.)
1x Prince
1x Sheriff/Paladin mixture (Infinite Test Faith, Infinite Expert Investigation, Infinite Scout)
8-9x Other BD
2-3x Non-NK neuts

Idk why I created this. Give feedback anyway.

what in the world did the first convert do to deserve me


Why is there neuts

no neuts

if you really want triple threat, just copy SFoL whatever it was and just change the classess to fit ToL

You don’t need to mention all of this since they’re all infinite uses anyways?

I’m like 99% there’s non-virtuous triple threats out there

the non-virtous triple threat is HoB triple threat

what the fuck are you people talking about
we’ve run actual triple threat with normal FoL rules quite a few times

They’re not exactly the first results

Also MM and CL with no Assassin nor second Cult kinda iffy

Also what does Templar look like


In other words, marshal

sheriff/paladin mixture is just constable
also just combine EI and TF

Yeah Sheriff/Paladin mix is wierd as hell… I don’t like it.

I prefer indivual invests

Seems powerful and hard to interact with frames

first of all
it’s only powerful because there’s 1 starting of each faction
second of all
frames would just make it appear as a random

random between Assassin/Cult Leader, that is

I want to keep it this way