Turning Pretender into an NK

Pretender NK remake


Royal Blood: During elections for a new king, votes for you count twice.
No Allegiance: Death Immune at night.

Day Abilities:

Blood Test (2 uses): Find out if your target is a Royal. If they are, your attack against them will be unhealable tonight.
Ballot Mixing (2 uses): Force everyone voting you to someone else.

Night Abilities:

Kinslayer (inf uses): Kill a target player with your powerful Kinslayer sword.
???: y’all decide I’m tired

I’m kinda busy rn so may not respond immediately. Gib suggestions for Pret’s second abilty.

What’s the main gimmick in this Pretender NK that’s gonna set it apart from other NKs?


I kinda wanted a NK that causes social choas but I guess I didn’t really do much on that. oops

If that’s the case, then the second ability should probably focus on Royal Blood and Social Chaos. So an ability that cause some form of social chaos if the target has Royal Blood

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sure I’ll think of something when I get home. may or may not be at school rn

Wouldn’t this technically out a player as Pretender?

Also, what stops them from being…voted right after?

Yeah ballot mixing is too random


I think Pretender getting special PK class when crowned would be cool

It’s Noble force vote, can’t unvote. Might be OP imo.

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far more powerful than Possessor, literally just baits everyone to vote them, gets to L-1, forces everyone to vote another player and votes them.

gonna casually
post my idea here because pre-existing thread

The Pretender :shield:

Neutral Killer
Forgotten Royal (Passive) - You are immune to death at night, and bleeding. During elections for a new King, votes for you count twice. You will crown into the Pretending King instead of the Psychopathic King.
Blood Test (Day) - You will find out if target player has Royal Blood at the end of the night. - Infinite uses.
Ballot Destruction (Day) - Prevent target player from voting today. - 2 uses.
Political Murder (Night) - Attack target player. - Infinite uses.
Kinslayer (Night) - Attack a player, bypassing healing and death immunity. You will be occupation/redirection immune tonight. Fails if used on a non-royal/non-King. - 2 uses

Crowns into The Pretending King

The Pretending King :shield: :crown:

Neutral Killer
Pass the Torch (Passive) - If you die, a vote to determine the next king will be held at start of the next day.
Deadly Tenacity (Passive) - You are immune to death at night. In addition you are immune to bleeding and will be informed upon being bled. You are immune to occupation and redirection. Your abilities will not be seen by investigative abilities. Finally, if you are in the final 4 players, everyone else present that has not already won instantly dies.
Allies (Day)- Choose up to two players. During this night, you will have a private chat with them. - 2 Uses
Grand Trial (Day) - Instantly put a player on trial for treason lasting up to 24 hours possibly extending day. They may provide a defense within 12 hours, and then the players alive may either vote to execute or pardon. If a majority of players vote to execute, the day will end and the player on trial will be executed. Otherwise, the day will continue as normal. - 1 use
Repurposed Guards (Night) - Send a guard to attack a player.
Kinslayer (Night) - Attack a player. Bypassess healing and death immunity. Usable alongside Repurposed Guards. - 2 uses

i took idea from things like the Archduke from SFoLs
also i posted the ToL version on the ToL discord
so if you want to see that go there

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Do you actually want to face this neutral killer? They seem blatantly overpowered.

I would also think due to the Royal Blood passive that they will almost always go for the King murder N1, since the King is guaranteed Royal and it bypasses all sorts of protections, redirects, occupation - it’s a guaranteed kill on King N1.
If you get OCC/redirect attempted you claim Butler/Drunk or really ballsy Mystic. Otherwise you claim any variant of Observer/Noble/Princess. It just takes one or two individuals besides yourself to vote you up, and then you become one of the most overpowered classes in the game.

The two day abilities of Pretender King are mechanically distinct, so you would never use them as they inform the Court / targets that the king is Pretender King.
Same is true for standard Pretender’s Ballot Destruction. It’s different than Reaper’s Chill, so the one getting targeted can instantly out the presence of a Pretender. Any player aggressively attempting to be crowned king will be suspicious.

I’m guessing the Grand Trial is memeing? Perhaps the entire thing is memeing…

Does Kinslayer on Pretender King have the same restrictions as on standard Pretender? Either way attacking two players at once for two nights is very powerful, especially when you don’t actually have to kill 3 players in the end.

that class card was intended for FoL

this was for FoL
and the one for ToL was on discord, and then it got buried

discord class/lore/fanfic in a nutshell

lol imagine iteration when reading grand trial

“must give a defense within 12 hou- what the heck?”

Eh, it could be a weird way to talk about the in-game day timer…

This sub-forum is meant for ToL, not FoL - so I expected it to be equivalent to the ToL mechanics.