Tutor: neutral social

the kings tutor
goal: survive

passive: captive kids: people with royal blood cant vote exe on u
day ability: kill kings kids: lose ur passive. the king commits surcide. the pricne and princess will bleed. (1 use)
night ability: teach: target will gain1 use of their ability (9 uses)
night ability whiskey: u will be immune to occupation tonight (7 uses)

what’s the point of having a night ability that makes you immune to occupation
…if you can’t actually use a night ability because you have to use this one

so you can pretend to be an occ immune class

Why 7 and 9 uses instead of unlimited and unlimited uses

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How would this work out and why is this is a thing

this ability name sounds super wrong and why is a neutral butler poison allowed

why 9 uses and also what abilities do they gain uses of? all of them? that’d be super op for sorc

again why so many uses and

why would you want to make a fake claim when you can give the prince an extra 9 exes.

this kit is really weird, super op and easy to confirm. i dont like it and dont think it’d be a good pick for the game

If only he could respond to any of that

But sorc has no limited abilities

escape fate

Oh yeah, that