Umineko FM: Turn of the Golden Witch - Signups (18/18) - Full

Umineko FM: Turn of the Golden Witch - designed and hosted by @astand, cohosted by @Wazza .

Reviewer is @DatBird .


  • Follow all Global Rules and Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules
  • Make at least 20 game-related posts each day (unless day ends early). If you fail to meet this requirement, you might get replaced. For 0 posting in full game day I will force replace you without any questions.
  • Don’t edit posts. This includes quickediting for typos, just don’t do it.
  • No alt accounts are allowed.

General information:

  • Closed setup.
  • Days are 48 hours, nights are 24 hours.
  • Eliminations are majority + plurality. In case of a tie, elimination will be randed.
  • At EoD, votes made up to :59 mark will be accepted (but not at :00 mark).
  • It will not be announced if the game reaches MYLO/LYLO
  • The game will contain bastard elements. However, OP will never lie, your rolecard will never lie, and no flips will ever be false.
  • Town is uninformed majority and Wolves are informed minority.
  • Town win condition is: Eliminate Wolves and all other possible threats to Town.
  • Wolf win condition is: Achieve parity with Town and eliminate all other possible threats to Wolves.
  • Other win conditions may or may not exist.

Game mechanics:

  • There are no conversions.
  • There may or may not be lost wolves.
  • Flavor/role claims are allowed at your own risk.
  • Flavor isn’t alignment indicative, but might be role indicative for some roles while being misleading or not role indicative for others.
  • Wolf factional kill is assigned. Performing it doesn’t prevent using other night actions.
  • You can’t perform actions on N0 unless specified otherwise.
  • Deadline for submitting actions is one hour before the end of the phase (whether day or night).
  • If you have several different night (day) abilities, then you can use all of them during a single night (day), unless specified otherwise.

Example rolecard (this role is guaranteed to be present in the game):



  1. SirDerpsAlot
  2. YoubutWorse
  3. min
  4. EliThePsycho
  5. CRichard564
  6. GGhana
  7. an_gorta_pratai
  8. Marluxion
  9. ChopChop
  10. Shurian
  11. Chloe
  12. Appelsiini
  13. clonedcheese
  14. Spak
  15. Light
  16. WindwardAway
  17. Nightingale
  18. PokemonKidRyan


  1. Whysper
  2. katze
  3. Marshal
  4. TrustworthyLiberal
  5. ArcticXI
  6. Mistyx


  1. Conduit
  2. thepigeonnyc
  3. Arete
  4. Jane
  5. Twil1ight
  6. KyoDaz
  7. DatBird
  8. Amelia
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I was just checking out new topics when this showed up


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didnt even bold it or do a slash smh

Had to be quick

this seems fun

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/informed spec

The occult has been summoned




active moment again >:)

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is this a typo or what




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Lets see if the Erika Furudo account joins in as well.


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purely because I like the flavour

probably not gonna tryhard or anything

yo @BronzeGaming42 you said you wanted to spectate a game before playing?