Unable to join a match

What happened: The ‘reconnect’ button replaces the play button. When pressed, sends player to an endless loading screen.

What was SUPPOSED to happen: The menu screen works as normal. When a game ends, the reconnect button disabled.

Steps to reproduce this issue: [Unknown and unconfirmed]

How it happened:

  1. Joined a public match
  2. Game took longer than normal to start
  3. Game started to rapidly rotate (far faster than normal) while stacking player models on top of each other [chat did not work either]
  4. At the beginning of the first night, the normal room was instead a changed perspective of the normal night, with a grayer tone.
  5. Game proceeded to continue part 3 until I left the game.
  6. Attempting to join another game led to what is written down in the ‘what happened’ section.

Letting this be known, this is a game-breaking bug.

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Please upload your logs here or on the discord under the #bugs category following the instructions below:

Also is it the first this is happening?

output_log.txt (44.5 KB)

This is the first time this is happening.

Following an update, this issue has been fixed!


Gamebreaking bug: Unable to leave match. The button works, I’m just having too much fun to click it. Plz fix


That’s a serious bug that must be fixed right away.