Unban date was today, Log in = 30d more suspension?

Uhh Supposed to be unbanned today but instead I get another 30d Suspension? Can someone explain here and not on discord?

Attached Pics below



There was a ban between those two from another alt of yours that once again triggered the ban evasion system. As you can see your “first” ban says Ban Evasion + Ban Evasion [...] while your “second” one says Ban Evasion + Ban Evasion + Ban Evasion + Ban Evasion [...].

I mean, I am still confused since it was originally a 24h ban than got extended to 30d and now its +30d more unless I just keep getting suspended for longer and longer. It seems a little harsh considering this is the first ban I have had… because I was tabbed out while in jail (My Bad))

But if that’s just the way it is then I guess I’ll keep waiting

Ban evasion extends the suspension by 30d since it sorta defeats the purpose of moderation - it’s essentially a slap in the face.

That’s like breaking out of jail, getting caught, then wondering why sentence was extended.