Unknown Suspend

I was never banned or get suspended(2 game warning)

But i got a unknown suspend


I have never Evade a ban or impersonation Priestess
My in-game name is| Credits |and i always use| Lie | to play as the class.

Steam name is | I still dab |

What i think:

I reported a hacker,HIS name is PriestessOfLaw,And there was 3 player who also named as priestess of law.3 PLAYER’S NAME.So I do not think that was a coincidence…So i reported them all.

And those suspend which deserve to the hacker comes back to me…

I don’t know why i got suspended or what,Please remove it.It’s unfun getting suspended.


This is already handled, and the person is unbanned, thx Solic.It was a false positive, sorry :slight_smile:
To clear the situation a bit: in this game there was a hacker impersonating me, me myself, and another player who jumped on that wagon and impersonated me too. You somehow got detected as alt of this last person.
It was totally right to report us all three, no problem.

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