Unplayable Idea Class Thread


Every post here must be a Class.
Classes must adhere to this format .

  • Every class posted here is assumed to be neutral.
  • Every class must include a win condition, a type, and a name.

Include the class number of your post in its description. You may have multiple class numbers in one post.
If a class that you created has already won a game, please make note of it on the original post.

Classes can NOT prevent others from appearing in a game by being rolled.
You can not change any aspect of an existing post in a future post.
Consecutive duplicate posts of the same class are banned unless that class is Vanilla Town. This includes named variants.
You may not change the base mechanics of the game using your classes and then say 'reroll this slot.'
Effort is required for your class, if it is just a named citizen it may be removed by the host.
You must use one of the 6 class types from vanilla FoL in your classes.
All classes must technically be able to win. Classes that require other classes to spawn for them to win are allowed, while classes that flatly can’t win are not.
Moderators will delete classes that do not fit the rules of this thread.

Host Notes:

A game ends when a player has completed their objective. Multiple people are able to win if they win at the same time.
The host has the right to reject/reroll any class if they so wish.
If a class has already won a UIFoL game, reroll the slot if you wish.

UIFoL games fall under SFoL.

To start:


The DoubleFool

Double the Trouble (Passive) - When you are lynched, choose another player to become a Fool.
Have yourself lynched along with another type of Fool

holy crap dude pick a color that doesn’t make me wish I were dead when I see it

like ow



that’s the point of the class

holy crap dude pick a color that doesn’t make me wish I were dead when I see it

like ow special

Lol (Passive) - You are deathproof.
That’s the point of the class (Passive) - You must swear at least once every 5 words

Live until the end of the game.



win the game

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