[VFM] Cop 13er - The Muppets! [Town wins]

vcbot pls

I’m an absolute idiot… I seriously should stop quickreading as it makes my reads more inaccurate. Well anyway this post sort of makes Jake’s progression on Squid less scummy imo.

  • Arete
  • DatBird
  • Mercenary
  • SirDerpsAlot
  • Goalkeeperboss
  • Marshal
  • JakeTheWolfie
  • Kyle20
  • Ari_2412
  • ash4fun
  • bepwei
  • PoisonedSquid
  • Htm

Anyway these are all the people in the game. Who do we think is scum/town and why?

Okay, can someone tell me what the hell was going on and why I was pinged?

Do you scumread Jake? If so then what do you think of his interaction with Derps?

Oh… I’m sorry I didn’t know this rule existed. I thought that with my flavor, I could have some fun, but… while I was trying to make myself feel better, I made others suffer…

Here’s my thoughts as of now

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I’m guessing people are hating me for what I did, especially Jake… I don’t deserve to live after what I did. Like I said before, my lynch would probably show motivations of others, so… I think it’s for the best

I suppose I can’t call you on your AtE, can I?

Idk what to make of it. AtE’s almost always come off as disingenuous to me, yet they almost always end up town in my experience.

So I’m not allowed to feel bad about what I did? I know I’m a dumbass, but this is next level dumbass for me

Please, if you’re town don’t self-vote or try to lynch yourself.

It’s not a good townie thing to do.

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It’s not like you purposefully spoke in Swedish to annoy people/break rules.

I’m not going to vote myself, but I feel like no matter what I do, I’m going to be turned into calamari because of all this mess

I was a selfish jerk who just wanted to do something different and make myself feel better

That made it feel even more disingenuous. Idk the vote count but could be a cover for another wolf.

puts on tinfoil hat

takes off tinfoil hat


Squid ATE’s as both alignments, I think there are usually tonal differences between the two but it’s hard to identify tone in Swedish :upside_down_face:

Her current ATE feels more like VMMM (where she was scum) than any of her town games but I’m not super confident on that one in particular


Why ask to be executed? How are you expecting this to help or hurt your faction?

I’m pretty much Scumread across the board. Once I flip Town, everyone else can figure out who might have been pulling the strings