[VFM] JoaT^2 - (6/15) - Cat Pirates (Town) Win!

And my posts have been useful.

What makes you so sure that it’s impossible for Centuries and Wiisp to be W/W?

Leafia, can I haz a town and wolf game from you?

I cannot tell if I am speaking to a concrete wall or a wolf. Or perhaps both. I suppose they aren’t mutually exclusive.

I do not have a read on this matter. I wish to not look at possible Wolf/Wolf interactions this early, as I have already stated. It does more harm than good, and makes you have confirmation-bias in future reads.

I find it frustrating that you cannot provide a single example of how Centuries is wolfy individually, and instead you are linking him along with Wisp. Does this mean if you start townreading Wisp, you will townread Centuries?
Do you see why this is faulty logic?

Insurgency, CFM 2, and WoWBfA v2 for scum and Homestuck and FoL 29 for town.

town leafia mld d1

scum leafia survives to the end

maybe not i dont remember

ohh look Vulgard voted himself, and claimed it was on a wolf
2 for 1 special we got in the early game

No it doesn’t mean that necessarily. Because one could easily be town while the other is a wolf. Also, why are you defending them so hard if you don’t have a read on them? Without the Wiisp thing, Centuries would be a null for me.

Yeah, I survived to the end in that one.

Who exactly are you talking about here?
nvm I found it
Vulgard, what is your read on Melo?
its so odd to call someone LHF so early in the game

Maybe a TMI reaction?

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Who is he even talking about

Io voters?

I am back reading ISO, so content will look a bit random

sulit actually making a push on D1 is >rand V

bonus points because it felt real

wouldnt really call that a push lol
but tonally she is townie

Heck you


I’m pointing out your faulty logic!

And, for the record, I do have a read on them. It is clear you did not read many of my posts.

If I were to put this in your terms, I would have Wiisp as a slight-scumlean.

And for Centuries I have this player as a townlean.

Do you not see the contradiction and issue here?

I feel as if asking you again for quotes and evidence would be a waste of time, as nothing I say is getting through to you.
You need to stop flip-flopping on these players, calling one a wolf because the other is a wolf, and start providing real analysis!

I have to go for now.

there’s a freaking fly in my room what’s the point of having a cat


dont die
and dont burn the house down

I’m gonna get it