[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

The Town has decided to Lynch Amelia!

Amelia has died! They were…


Mafia Goon

You have no night abilities, however, you share a private chat and a factional kill with your teammates.
You win when the town has been eliminated.

Night begins and will end in 24 hours.


Hello everyone.

Day doesn’t start until Luxy or Geyde say so



I’m finally able to send feedback
Jesus Christ the admissions people just don’t stop talking


Mayor Luxy had abandoned the town on a so called ‘spiritual journey.’ I think he just wanted time off and made up a reason to do so, but I’m the one stuck here…so what can I say?

I personally think that our society would be much better with more accountability. We really need leaders to work with the people and make decisions quickly, in waves ideally. This tinkering thing just isn’t effectively working–

Oh, what’s that?
A call.

Hello, this is the town hall. Our mayor has corona, and as such isn’t here.
Oh, fuck.
Oh fuck
uhh…do you have any more details?

So, guys.
@Appelsiini fucking died
I’m not prepared for this job. I’m just an INTERN.

Alright, calm down.
Deep breaths.

They were apparently the

Town Healer

Once per day, you may select a player, other than yourself, to cure of their poison. This prevents their death due to poison at the end of the day.
You win when the mafia have been eliminated.

Doctor in charge of the quarantine bay.
If we have anymore cases of corona, we probably won’t be able to stop it!

ring ring
There’s more? I just got done announcing a murder!

Oh, Andrej has corona (was poisoned last night). Lovely.

Day 2 has started. 15 players are alive so majority is 8.

/vote Eevee

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two mafia down bois

So, Andrej was poisoned. Did the wolf poisoner just not act or whatever?

I am fucking exhausted but I typed this a couple hours ago

wait, was Andrej the only person poisoned? confusion

Okay so the thread is locked so I can’t post anything but I’m just going to use pictures because yea

Dat Bird and Derps both move off of Amelia.
Marshal moves back onto Amelia, eevee, Squid, and Dat vote for Derps.
I vote Amelia (uwu)
I move off Amelia, Derps votes Amelia.
Nappy votes Amelia and leaves the thread, which is a good look for him IMO. Andrej votes Derps.
I vote Amelia again.
Eevee and Alice swap to Amelia vs. Derps.

I don’t think the VCs after this one are very important for looking for wolves/town because it was pretty certain Amelia was getting lynched. However, I want to look into EOD.

My townread on Napoleon got stronger from this, because I don’t think he, as Amelia’s scum buddy, would leave his vote on her then leave for the rest of the day. I also believe Derps is town, as the thread got silent when he was the top wagon.

I think that wagon movement on to Derps with eevee, Squid, and DatBird contains at least one scum.

Andrej voted Derps, but that was because people told them to. So. Meh. Maybe they’ll be poisoned. Eevee and Alice look a little better because of this swap. I think if Alice was scum here they would have pushed harder for Derps lynch.

Hippo looks worse from my POV. They weren’t on for when the wagons were changing around but when they were deciding their vote they didn’t really consider Amelia as a wagon, which I found strange.

Emilia looks bad here too. They didn’t really vote which is weird. She soft defended Derps but didn’t vote Amelia. They tell Andrej to vote top wagon (Derps) then didn’t post for the rest of the day. Bad look imo.

This is a post. If someone else wants to look into it then be my guest, my brain is tired now. It was clear that Squid probably wasn’t going to be lynched at that point, so it’s weird they didn’t vote Derps instead? Distancing? Should I just not look into this post because it’s useless? Dunno.

Amelia wagon towniness scores:
Arete: +2
Napoleon: +2
Derps: +2
Alice: +1
Marshal: +0.5
eevee: +0.5
Dat: -0.5
Andrej: -0.5
Hippo: -0.75
Emilia: -1
Squid: -1
Don’t read into these too much I’m just trying to organize my thoughts on this tbh. Marshal and Arete look townier for pushing it almost all the second half of the day, especially because Arete never buses.

Vulgard. Yea Vulgard exists. Honestly, they don’t really trend one way or the other for me. They left their vote on Squid, which kinda makes sense from their POV at the time. Gets on at EOD. Pushes Amelia. Meh.

Also random thought I just had. Squid was counterwagon material, but Derps gained more traction than the Squid one did.

/vote eevee


Everyone is voting my strongest scumread lol!

/vote eevee


/vote eevee

  1. I’m surprised I’m not poisoned
  2. I’m very hecking suspicious of Derps even more because instead of voting him, the second highest wagon, Amelia voted me at the last minute. Why didn’t she go for the second easiest wagon to go off on?

Don’t quickhammer. >_>


also I’m locktown because I knew Dat was a PR and if I were scum he’d be dead

Accused Accuser Count
eevee Datbird, Arete, Napoleon, Marshal 4/8