[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

@Luxy @Geyde

Vote Count

Accused Accuser Count
eevee Arete, Marshal, Crichard, N.1, PoisonedSquid, Napoleon, Hippo, DatBird 8/8
Emilia Derps 1/8
Italy sulit 1

The Town has decided to lynch Eevee!

Eevee has died! They were:


Mafia Goon

You have no night abilities, however, you share a private chat and a factional kill with your teammates.
You win when the town has been eliminated.

N.1 has also succumbed to their illness!

N.1 has died! They were:


Vanilla Town

You have no abilities except for your voice and your vote. Put them to good use!
You win when the mafia have been eliminated.

Night Starts Now and Ends in 24 Hours.


Someone fucking died.

Someone needs to fucking press f
That fucking someone is fucking Dat

He was the fucking Town Cop

Fucking rip, this is so fucking terrible
Fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fuckity fuck

Oh fucking no
Two fucking people are infected with Corona.

Fucking @PoisonedSquid and fucking @Vulgard

They will fucking die at the end of the day since the fucking town healer keeled over and FUCKING DIED



Oh wow, I’m fucking surprised

what a fucking shocker

This is fucking bad

Since you’re dead at the EoD are you a wolf or not?

We’re no longer allowed to not say “fuck”

fucking fuck this amirite?

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yeah this is pretty fucking terrible right now

I’m not

I can’t even tell who’s steamrolling the other fucking team.
Mafia keep hitting PRs but we keep lynching mafia
Good news though; the fucking backup poisoner is 100% dead

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NKA time

Dat probably died because he was the claimed un-CC’d cop who was really obviously legit

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i’m going to be doing this for a pretty fucking long time aren’t i

i would but it would just be annoying

Vulgard being poisoned over Alice is … a thing

possibly the wolves thought Alice was VT leaving poisoner cover? (or I guess that she was a wolf and thus knew she wasn’t the Poisoner but I have a hard time seeing scum!Alice at this point)

It’s obvious I didn’t get poisoned by scum, so ehhhhh