[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

Derps confirmed double-voter

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Fuck don’t point it out

yeah but it didn’t have careless whispers

which is the gamer song

and almost always ends in a mislynch

I am waiting

This is why I hate people doing shortened names in vcs because I always misread them

Happy Mafia - The Godfather theme

That’s mine :^)

Where did she go?!

i don’t think any of you are wolfy during this eod and it bothers me


2 Hours Remain

I still think Eevee is a wolf

this is LoTR but instead of people wanting hammer because of hammer passives they want to hammer to feel cool or something


It’s a pride thing, I’m stubborn. Remember when I wouldn’t hammer as Merc king in the one FoL. Purely because I wanted hammer lmao

/vote Amelia

Tbh, I’d imagine that they’d try harder were they town.

eevee is a whatever slot for me
i wouldn’t cry if it died but i can’t call it lock wolf in good conscience

I think it flips wolf much more often than town

/vote Amelia
I may die here, but I shall have the last laugh! also just lynch me already, I’m in no good state to play.

Can I do it

i have the advantage of being able to apologize in deadchat to the person i mislynch
yall won’t have that luxury yet