[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

Neutral killer but they lose if they kill

but katze why would you need to lie as town

only Mafia lie

LOL that’s a great idea

Should I host an all neuts GI turbo


No neuts

All neuts*


From now on This emoji has been removed from this site

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:newspaper_roll: it’s been removed!


Oh boy the boys night was big

Welcome to Poisonous Mafia!

‘Somebody has poisoned the water-hole!’

Someone has carefully extracted the cyanide out of the seeds of thousands of apples in order to get enough to actually kill multiple people, talk about dedication.

For some reason our city doesn’t have any forensic scientists, so the cops needs to catch the crims the old fashion-way - majority rules and mob-mentality lynching. Isn’t this fun?

The day begins now and will end in 48 hours.

Majority is 9 and it is a majority only lynch.

You may now post.



Where is everyone

/vote Marshal

@Marshal come play