[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

Haven’t caught up on thread sorry.

Poison and kill is very weird.

/vote eevee as they’ve been mech infod as bad or something

D3 is my day to shine just you guys wait.

nah d2 is your day to shine

i have the powuh

It was gonna be but i feel like i missed it and we have a cuaght scum so may as well yeet to d3

i mean if hippo doesn’t have anything can I yeet him

i can summarize for hippo

basically eevee was redchecked by dat

eevee claimed poisioner


we kill eevee

we wanna end this?


We’re on L-2 on eevee.

L-1 actually

We do need a plan so don’t rush to hammer eevee. We have 48 hours each day so we should put it to use.

Hippo voted this up so it is L-1.

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Italy is typing…


What do you mean can you yeet me?

Not you, eevee

hang on

I retook the D&D character quiz and I want to post my results

ok get on to it and then im yeeting my check