[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

i’m going to be doing this for a pretty fucking long time aren’t i

i would but it would just be annoying

Vulgard being poisoned over Alice is … a thing

possibly the wolves thought Alice was VT leaving poisoner cover? (or I guess that she was a wolf and thus knew she wasn’t the Poisoner but I have a hard time seeing scum!Alice at this point)

It’s obvious I didn’t get poisoned by scum, so ehhhhh



So with Vulgard and Squid dying at the EoD then here’s the remainder.

  1. sulit
  2. Napoleon
  3. Alice
  4. Marshal
  5. Arete
  6. SirDerpsALot
  7. Hippolytus
  8. CRichard564
  9. Italy
  10. Emilia

I’m basically clearing Marshal, Arete, and Derps over interactions with flipped wolves. I’m the poisoner. I think Hippo and Sulit, and maybe Emilia are townie enough for now. So the last two wolves if Squid is telling the truth are likely in Italy, Napoleon, or CRichard.

Member Cursed Images FM?

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Are you telling me one of my scumreads might be fucking right?
My self esteem has returned

We’re at 2v10 at this point with both teams having two KPN

if we temporarily assume that Squid’s a villager (because that’s the worst case scenario) and we mislynch today, we go into the night with 2v7. If the poisoner then poisons town again, someone dies overnight, and the Mafia poison someone as well (and no overlap happens) then that puts us at 2v4+2 going into tomorrow, which is MyLo, but that also requires that we miss three times


why vulgard over alice

1 sec

I’m still not a big fan of Emilia and Derps being cleared, moreso Emilia because of what she did D2

So all we have to do now is kill poisoner and scum are fucked

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I don’t think she necessarily is, I don’t think scum!Squid would claim wolf here

Also why is sulit townie enough


Alice, why are you scumreading me :frowning:

Don’t do me like this, I know you aren’t a snake.

I liked her posts coming out of D1. Her entry was shit, but I think she’s improved.