[VFM] Poisonous Mafia - (3/17) - Completed

o shit has the game started


uhhh… i claim neopolitan

/vote katze

braces for that to be a 5000000IQ soft

the 500000000iq soft has already happened

im kinda proud of it ngl

Also katze isn’t in the game

oh right

my vote stays

Vote Count

Accused Accuser Count
Marshal Arete 1/9

since i miss doing these

random guesses of randomity:

Mafia Poisioner - Vulgard

Mafia Rolecop - Arete

Mafia Backup Poisioner - Eevee

Mafia Goon - Alice

Marshal - dead n1 to factional kill

Who’s ready for people to try to do Isos and accidentally include posts from pre-game

whats that do, I need answers now

hence why i vote katze

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it’s a town or mafia role that cops if someone is a vanilla townie

i am obviously not that but i may or may not have a gamer soft attatched to it

this post by arete really makes me think they are town



how could it possibly make you think that

it’s not even a wallpost

lol I just checked op to confirm, and yeah thats not a class :frowning:

flashbacks to when i did a fake iso on arete in VMMM as a reactiontest

honestly a highkey nostalgia trip

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your tone was really good, you were really trying to stop the lynch on Vul

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and then I wound up actually listed as a vote target in the vote count


@Vulgard u up if so click like, we need to solve ur allignment like 400 posts ago because no new thread

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