[VFM] SFoL -1: Hall of the Incendiary - Night 6 - Cult wins!

Welcome to SFoL -1: The Hall of the Incendiary!

Hosted by Marshal
Co-Hosted by Arete

Long before the threat of the unseen had arrived, the neutral parties pursued their interests, and before the fine citizens of Castle Adiart had picked up the skills that allowed them to combat these evils, a cult had begun to form. They had not discovered the powers of Mithras or Corax but instead worshipped the deity Ignus. With her power, they sought to take over the castle, and burn its citizens to the ground as the ultimate sacrifice. The people of Castle Adiart must come together and stop this cult before it’s too late.


  1. Be Respectful at All Times
  2. Do not, or attempt to, angleshoot. If you have reason to believe that you know someone’s alignment from out of game information, message the host and you will be replaced.
  3. Do not weaponise the moderator.
  4. Do not communicate in any threads not sanctioned by the host.
  5. Follow the global forum rules.
  6. Speak in English only.


Cycles are 36/12.
The Cult will communicate via a private message on the forums or discord.
The Cult have a factional douse, and a factional ignite. They may be used on the same night.
The Cult are not allowed to ignite Night 1.
The Cult has three ignites over the course of the game.
When the cult ignites, all people who have been doused will die. The Cult may choose whether to kill players who were doused on the night of the ignition.
Executions are majority and plurality. In the case of a tie, the execution will rand between tied players. No-execution is a valid vote.
The Cult’s douse night action is compulsive and will be randomized among living, undoused members of the town if not picked and ignite is not selected.
A minimum of ten posts per day is required, if you do not meet this requirement twice, you will be replaced out.
If a player has not posted in the main thread in 24 hours, they will be prodded privately. Failure to respond to this prod within 12 hours will result in you being replaced out.

Roles & Flavor:

All cult members will be The Incendiary. All Blue Dragon members will be given random, unique blue dragon flavors. All cult members will be given blue dragon flavors that are not in use.

Example cards below. The Prince will not be in play, as a role or safeclaim, and is merely an example card.

The Prince

You have no abilities except your voice and your vote. Put them to good use!
You win when all of the Cult are dead.

The Incendiary

You are a devout servant of Ignus and are aligned with the Cult. You have the following abilities:

  • Factional Douse: Call on Ignus to douse a player in flammable materials.
  • Factional Ignite: Call on Ignus to light all doused players on fire, killing them all. You may choose if whether or not this kills a player you have doused in the same night. Cannot be used N1.
  • Factional Chat: You share a chat with your fellow Cultists. It is active both day and night.

You win when the number of Cultists equals or exceeds the number of Blue Dragon.


Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon



  1. SirDerpsAlot
  2. Mistyx - The Tavernkeeper - Eliminated d2
  3. GGhana - The Incendiary - Eliminated d3
  4. Clonedcheese Whysper - The Observer - Eliminated d5
  5. Light
  6. Leafia
  7. an_gorta_pratai - The Princess - Eliminated d1
  8. ScaledSlinky
  9. Shrek_Gurl_12
  10. ATNoName
  11. sulit
  12. PokemonKidRyan
  13. Benjamin_Shapiro
  14. lllwei - The Drunk - Eliminated d4
  15. demoknighttf2


  1. Trochilidae
  2. Whysper
  3. Surge
  4. Insanity

Useful Links:

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EoD2 / SoD3 - Mistyx is eliminated / Nobody dies

EoD3 - GGhana is eliminated

EoD3 / SoD4 (but it’s not a rickroll) - GGhana is eliminated / Nobody dies

EoD4 / SoD5 - Illwei is eliminated / Nobody dies

EoD5 / SoD6 - Whysper is eliminated / Nobody dies

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Do not post, day has not started yet.

Five years ago, peace came to Adiart.

The Prince breathed a quiet sigh of relief as he looked over the plans for the day’s festivities. He was not too young to remember how the twin cults of Corax and Mithras had claimed his mother’s life, eight years ago now. He remembered, too, rebuilding after they had finally been wiped out. He’d allowed himself to let his guard down, and in so doing he had allowed the Unseen conspiracy to take his father. But now, it had been five years since the last trace of such treason had been eliminated.

Adiart could finally be safe.

In the castle’s library, a young scholar sat hunched over ancient manuscripts. He squinted at the text, straining to read the faded writing. No matter how he tried to parse it, it didn’t make sense . “By means of the sacred Fire we dedicate our spirit, from the Fire our strength blossoms” – the second clause made sense, perhaps, but the first was completely illogical.

“Can you look at this sentence for me?” he asked his companion. He’d given up the previous day on trying to figure out the manuscript by himself.

She nodded, peering over his shoulder. “The problem is that you’re taking ‘sacred fire’ as an ablative,” she said. “Try reading it as a dative instead.”

To the sacred Fire we dedicate our spirit, from the Fire our strength blossoms. The scholar murmured the words aloud to himself.

As he did so, a blinding heat flashed across his chest. For a single moment, he felt a surge of energy. His of the library around him was replaced with a scene: a long-abandoned temple, in the depths of the castle, and in the temple’s stone chalice flickering flames. A voice echoed in his head. Go.

“Are you alright?” asked his companion, pulling him back to the present.

“Can I ask you a favor?” he asked. “Can you – read the words out loud?”


The castle bustled with life as people began to gather in the courtyard for the festivities. Merchants hawked exotic wares, silks and glassware and foreign tapestries. A bard strummed their lyre before the crowd as children gathered around them. Mages working in concert cast glimmering fireworks into the sky, creating images of wild animals.

In the back of her mind, a theologian noticed three people missing – two of her colleagues, and their student. Still, that wasn’t surprising. in a crowd this large, it was easy for people to get lost. Even if they’d chosen to skip the festivities, it wasn’t exactly atypical of any of them to forget to eat for hours upon end if they were engrossed in their work. Forgetting about a festival wouldn’t be particularly difficult.

Smiling, she turned back towards the bard, tossing them a coin as they finished their song.

The castle was safe. There was nothing to worry about.


The three scholars gathered in the basement temple. The youngest looked around at the temple. The corners of the room were filled with cobwebs, and the altar was covered in dust.

“What do we do?” they asked.

“In my vision, the center chalice was alight,” said the first scholar, the one who had gathered them.

He took his candle and held it to the chalice. With unnatural speed, it burst into flame. The room became filled with a blinding light, and though the basement was normally cool the heat became sweltering.

I am Ignis , came a voice from the chalice. You will do my bidding, as my cultists.

“But the Cult was driven out of Adiart years ago,” said the youngest. “I was but a child then, but – but I still remember.”

The Cults of Corax and Mithras relied too much on the strength of others , said the voice. You shall not do that. You shall rely on your strength, and on my power, rather than recruiting new recruits, who may be weak. Fire is strong – stronger than the Blue Dragon.

For a moment, their skin felt like it was burning. Then the fire died down, and the three of them were left once again in an empty basement temple.


The theologian stared at the balcony. She was beginning to get impatient; the Prince’s speech was scheduled to begin five minutes earlier. As the minutes ticked away, the crowd began to question what was taking him so long.

At last, a guard staggered onto the balcony, his face pale. “The Prince – is dead.” he said.

The crowd began to murmur amongst itself. Finally, a mage’s amplified voice rose above it. “What? How?”

“I don’t know,” said the guard. “I – one moment he was there, the next he was burned to ash.”

The guard paused. “–There is one more thing,” he said. “In the room where he’d been standing, the floor had a single word burned into it. Ignis .”

(Flavor by the excellent Arete)

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Day 1 has begun and will End in 36 hours, at 2020-10-17T02:00:00Z, or when Majority is reached.


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/vote GGhana

Ok, let’s say hypothetically that I was Unseen, which is as we established would be impossible because I have a confirmed tornado confirmed by multiple blue dragon. And since there is no evidence except a liberal Sheriff saying I was visited last night on a “convert night” but contrary to what you believe is that there is no evidence pointing to it being a “convert night” and I would hope that the intellectual rigour of all of my fellow blue dragon would make this obvious. Now I know that you’re going to say that the assassin dying last night somehow points to it being a convert night. But have your closed minded left wing brains even accepted the possibility of a Scornedcialist filling your minds with Marxist propaganda? I hope that my fellow good minded conservative American allies will accept that this is all clearly lies and propaganda made up by the liberal elite and that this “Sheriff” is in cahoots with the communists and the dreaded unseen. And you are all simple too foolish to realize. It truly is shameful how the liberals have gotten a hold on you. Plus my alchemist wife healed me last night. What more info do you liberals need?

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demoknight tf2

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First, good morning to you all.

After getting used to these forums, I’ve gone to read a few of the games here so I wasn’t going in blind and had an idea of what to expect.

What I saw was that the towns here often struggle. I could count on one hand the number of village wins I saw scrolling through Forum Games thread. However, I’m not just here to pop in and offer my unasked for opinion on the state of this site’s play. I’m here to win.

Some things I noticed in particular are that: villagers’ focuses are far too narrow, town often has a severe lack of motivation, and that there’s a marked difference in the treatment of “better players” vs the more common LHF. I’d like to steer clear of these pitfalls and discuss for a minute on how we can avoid them this game.

Point One

What I’ve gathered here is that “death tunneling” is a common occurrence. Of course, following a read and poking at its target is nothing but good, and should be encouraged. However, this quickly becomes disruptive when a villager focuses all their attention on one or two slots and blots everything else from the thread in their persistence to get them lynched or towncored. Keep your focus broader, make sure to analyze everyone playing. Additionally, don’t be scared of re-evaluating. Reads can change as the game progresses, a reason to townread someone D1 may not stay valid two days later.

Point Two

There are an uncanny amount of replacements and mod-prods, even when taking into account IRL issues. Town suffers from a lack of WIM, and it leads to this. If you aren’t active, you can’t be read, if you can’t be read, you get pushed, if you get pushed and still are barely responding, you get lynched. This is easy for wolves to latch onto and drag down, though villagers can do it as well. As town, this is one of the most harmful things you can do. If you don’t think you can be up to par, I kindly request you replace out before this becomes an issue.

Point Three

The crux of this point- anyone can roll scum . I don’t care how much of a “town leader”, “big name”, or “easy misexe” someone is, everyone has an equal opportunity to be town or scum and I feel like some people don’t consider this enough. Don’t clear someone for simply being themselves, and don’t condemn them for it either. Evaluate each person individually, consider their motivations separately rather than “oh this player is always a town leader, I’ll follow them no matter what” sort of reasoning. I have noticed as well that this community is quite reliant on meta, almost overly so. Meta is a valuable component to any read, just do not let it be the read itself.

None of this is meant to be simply bashing, what I intend is to call out these issues in the hopes we can circumvent them here. This site has so many positive qualities as well, and I’m quite excited to play with everyone. This ends Slinky’s SOD wallpost, I hope this shapes up to be a great game and good luck to you all!



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Are there any punishments for mass claim? If not lets all claim and then waste 2 days in a row killing the knight and chronomancer claims because “F L A V O U R A N A L Y S I S

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my flavor is fool

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i cc fool

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Haha 69 joke
Ahaha so funny

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woah same

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that wasn’t a 69 joke that was a nice post

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/Vote Leafia

Found Leaf as sus N0

Lets not do this.

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/vote demoknight

demoknight tf2

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turns out the cult are actually all mimes :flushed:

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/vote ben_shapiro

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