[VFM] Town vs Bandits - Randing (13/13)


Town vs Bandits - Hosted and designed by @Wazza and @Geyde, Reviewed by @DatBird


  • Open Setup
  • 48/24 Phases - Night can be skipped if all players agree, when the day ends may be changed depending when the night is skipped.
  • The Bandits will speak in either a private thread or private discord depending on what they desire.
  • The Bandits have a mandatory Factional Kill (if not performed the kill will be randomized among living town players) and a Factional One-Shot Rolecop.
  • The Bandit Factional Kill and the Bandit Factional One-Shot Rolecop may not be done alongside each other.
  • Threadmarks will include Final Vote Counts, day starts, night starts and any other important events
  • Bandits do not flip as their role, instead they flip as Bandit, because that’s the only thing we’re competent enough to figure out.


  • Follow the Global Forum Rules and Forum Game Rules. Failure to do so will result in a warning and consequently a force-replace or modkill if needed.
  • A minimum of 20 content posts are required per day, if it is impossible for you to reach this amount, please inform me beforehand. If you are prodded twice for this, you will be force-replaced or modkilled if needed. If you post no content in a single day that did not end early, you will be force-replaced immediately unless you can provide a good enough reasoning beforehand.
  • Excessive AtE is frowned upon, don’t use it.
  • Each day, you make make a maximum of 200 posts, on content or not, an hour before EoD this will be lifted. Any posts done after you have reached your post limit will not punish you.


  • Majority and Plurality are enabled, however on Day 1, Majority is disabled. Which, of course, means there is a Day 1 executed.
  • If two or more wagons are tied for plurality, a random player between the tied wagons will be executed.
  • To vote a player, type /vote [name] @Wazza otherwise the vote will not count.



Flavour Written here will not be used, instead the flavour will be tailored to The Princess Bride.

Things changed from the previous game (that got canned):


  1. Alice
  2. Leafia
  3. willtaylor
  4. Chloe
  5. Marluxion
  6. staypositivefriend
  7. WindwardAway
  8. Vulgard
  9. Arctic
  10. GGhana
  11. EliThePsycho
  12. Prophylaxis
  13. Emilia


  1. Katze
  2. Sulit
  3. Amelia


  1. DatBird (Uninformed)
  2. Marshal (Uninformed)


If you have any questions, feel free to ping me and I will answer them.


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Unfortunately due to the fact I have two upcoming miscs that I am helping host (Island Adventure and BOTF X) and the fact that this game was also coming up, myself and the hosts of didney worl mafia (Katze and GGhana) have agreed to switch the games around.



also /sub

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I have exams so it’s being put off until after cop13er

sorry libtard

Two additional rules have been added.


was this on purpose



so you don’t know what’s wrong…

flavorful! truly the game of incompetent people :^)

(you spelled “its” wrong)

I didn’t write most flavour
but that part I did
I am very incompetent :^)



/in. This’ll be fun.


This’ll be my first forum mafia game ig


Welcome to the site.

Can strong willed kill the jailkept person? Or does it only make them immune to being jailkept themselves