[VFM] Vanilla Nightless FM - Ice Cream Flavor: Day 6 - The Mafia Win!

fol24 taught me you’re literally fucking impossible to convert

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converts Vulgard

Assassin gets swapped into Vulgard so Vulgard just hecking dies

also he was Fealtied so it wouldn’t have mattered


N2. /convert Arete

if MM was redirectable scumgod marshal would have been converted :wink:

guys I know I haven’t mentioned Alex at all before the point but I think he might be a wolf

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You converted Vulgard to the Hand of Byzantium last night! They were The Duke

that n2 conv sealed it for y’all cuz arete was in the perfect position to deepwolf y’all and they did a damn good job of it.

not factoring in a n2 conv when gamesolving is where i went wrong

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but you died N1

well the thing is

my small healer softs were noticed by exactly one person and they convinced other people that they were real

why do we clear people for softing

everyone knows that only villagers soft

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who knows

scum can and probably will do it over just straight claiming

Honestly, we fucked up by revolving our plan around Katze living


“katze is a new player surely they can’t do softs like this as scum” (i don’t think anyone said this but arete totally thought it :wink:)

nobody noticed my invest softs but they noticed my healer ones so ill take it

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.48.29 PM


someone didn’t read the mafiascum wiki

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this is my favorite part of the MafiaScum Wiki


Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 7.01.23 PM

i like this one

ok so im dumb and thought this was a different game

sorry for the necrobump



nice job nerd