Warrior Cats FM [6/15] - Dark Forest wins!

Photo is available at https://cmoffitt1.deviantart.com/art/Warrior-Cats-Final-Battle-321939785.

Warrior Cats FM - Hosted by @thepigeonnyc. Co-hosted and alt modded by @Arete. Reviewed by @orangeandblack5. Flavor written by @thedovenyc.

Warning, this OP and the game’s flavor may contain minor spoilers to some books, particularly The Last Hope


  1. Follow the Global Forum Rules and the Forum Mafia Rules.


  • Phases are 48/24
  • Feedback is the same as FoL.
  • Cuddles are plurality and majority. Please ping me upon voting.
  • Votes are not locked in CuLo (cuddle-or-lose) or MuLo (miscuddle-and-lose).
  • In the case of a tie, the cuddle is randed between the people who have been voted most.
  • ThunderClan Vanilla cats do not know which Vanilla they are, they simply get the Vanilla PM shown below.
  • The Dark Forest have a factional kill that is assigned and cannot be used alongside other abilities. It is usable by Darkstripe once the other members are dead or if he joins the Dark Forest chat. Otherwise, he cannot use it.
  • The uninformed majority is ThunderClan and the informed minority is the Dark Forest.
  • The win condition of ThunderClan is to kill the members of the Dark Forest .
  • The win condition of the Dark Forest is to gain parity with ThunderClan.

Roles (One of each will roll)


ThunderClan Neighborizer (in neighborhood)
Night ability: Talks a Lot: Add or remove your target to/from a neighborhood chat that you are a part of. This chat lasts until you die and can be used at any time. Unlimited uses.


ThunderClan Jailkeeper
Night ability: Bring to Medicine Den: Heal and roleblock your target tonight. 3 uses, however you cannot target the same person multiple times.


ThunderClan Parity Cop
Night ability: Read Mind: See if your target is the same alignment as your last. Unlimited uses.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You take care of kits at night, so you have no abilities. You are just another queen, so you don’t know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You also take care of kits at night, so you have no abilities. You are yet another queen, so you don’t know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You train in the Dark Forest (don’t question the alignment) at night, so you have no abilities. You were just thrown into a list of cats who trained in the Dark Forest, so you don’t know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You stay in the elders’ den telling stories, so you have no abilities. You have blended in with the elders, so you do not know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You go on patrols at night, so you have no abilities, and have forgotten your character from all that patrolling.


ThunderClan Vanilla
You are considered a boring character. As such, you have no abilities, and you don’t know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
Since Cinderpelt just left your body, you don’t have any abilities and you don’t know your character.


ThunderClan Vanilla
The parts of the books where you’re POV are so boring that you don’t have any abilities and even you don’t know your character.


Dark Forest Godfather
Passive: Former Deputy: You will appear as the same alignment as ThunderClan cats to Jayfeather


Dark Forest Roleblocker
Night ability: Distract: Stop your target from using abilities tonight. You cannot be roleblocked while using this ability. 3 uses.


Dark Forest Goon
You’re too busy plotting your revenge to do anything but kill people.


Dark Forest Traitor/Double Parity Cop
Passive: Lost in the Dark Forest: The other members of the Dark Forest do not know who you are and you do not know who they are, nor do you talk with them.
Night ability: Look for Tigerstar: Check if two people are of the same alignment. If they are the same, you will learn their alignment. If they are both members of the Dark Forest , then you will join their chat. You may target yourself when there is only one other member left, and this ability is disabled when you are the only member left. Unlimited uses.

Vanilla PM

ThunderClan Vanilla

You have no abilities and you don’t know your character.


  1. sulit Killed Night 2 - Brackenfur/ThunderClan Vanilla
  2. Arctic
  3. GGhana
  4. Marshal Cuddled Day 2 - Cinderheart/ThunderClan Vanilla
  5. Aelin WindwardAway Died Night 3 - Lionblaze/ThunderClan Vanilla
  6. Emilia
  7. Leafia Cuddled Day 1 - Leafpool/ThunderClan Jailkeeper
  8. SamCrow Whysper Cuddled Day 4 - Brokenstar/Dark Forest Roleblocker
  9. min Red_Pandas
  10. EliThePsycho
  11. Wazza Nightingale Cuddled Day 3 - Purdy/ThunderClan Vanilla
  12. PokemonKidRyan
  13. Marluxion Killed Night 1 - Squirrelflight/ThunderClan Neighborizer
  14. clonedcheese
  15. Stealthbomber16 Nuclear_Rehab


  1. Warrior Catsuh
  2. Amelia
  3. Intensify

Spectators (informed and uninformed are allowed):

  1. DatBird (undecided)
  2. Mistyx (informed)
  3. Chloe (uninformed)
  4. Mercenary (informed)
  5. Frostwolf103 (informed)
  6. thedovenyc (informed)
  7. astand (informed)
  8. MaximusPrime (informed)


EoD1: Leafia is cuddled!
EoD2: Marshal is cuddled!
EoD3: Nightingale is cuddled!
EoD4: Whysper is cuddled!


The game has not started. Do not speak.

All roles have been sent. Yell at me if I missed you.

@Arete Lock until before noon EDT


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The cats of ThunderClan gather around for the final battle against the cats of the Place of No Stars, known as the Dark Forest. Someone is rallying others with a weird… cat jam? And everyone feels prepared. But then, the cats of the Dark Forest charge forward, a dark mist emitting from them. Soon they approach the cats of ThunderClan, and no one can see each other or tell who is who. Then, a menacing voice, seemingly from the shadows themselves, says, “We are not going to fight yet. We will watch you ALL TEAR YOURSELVES APART trying to figure out who your enemies are. You all must figure out who your teammates are and get rid of those you are suspicious of, but I assure you it will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE! BWAHAHA!”

Day 1 begins and will end at 2021-07-03T16:00:00Z


Forgot to tell her about hammers.

Hammers exist, they can end day

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you might want to massping people

What if you wanted to roll mafia

But game said “town 16 times in a row”


what if u wanted to roll neut, but there is no neut in the setup.

what if you wanted to roll mafia
and you rolled mafia

what if you didnt want to /in

but you did anyways


hey guys this is a lost wolf soft

hey guys this is a parity cop soft

NAI Ping for those who haven’t posted



and I accept your soft

/vote gghana


/vote emilia

going to break open the shitpost phase by introducing myself

i’ve been playing FM on my homesite off and on for about 5 years now. i’m still garbage at it but it’s pretty fun.

Eli filled in as the last sign for a setup that I ran a few weeks ago so I figured I’d repay the favor by filling a setup here.

Unfortunately I don’t have any recent games to be able to give you but I am in an ongoing game offsite that I’ll link here when it concludes if anyone needs reading material.