We need the 'Reconnect feature' back

Hey friends,
This is more of a personal problem than anything, but my internet disconnects for few seconds every 30 mins ish, which made a pretty constant leaver, and I am surprised I actually wasn’t banned until now.

I thought of way to prevent the abuse of this feature -
If someone is on trial, and leaves the game for any reason, he will die at the same night without being able to use any ability, he will also lose the game regardless of what happened during the game, otherwise, if he disconnects at any other time, he will be able to reconnect as long as it doesn’t take too long.

i don’t think many people are opposed to some form of reconnection back

but it was exploitable and buggy

unfortunately i don’t know if there’s any sort of ETA on its return, but i don’t think the devs have said no yet

Until than I am gonna have to stop playing…
Just had a game where I was OG Assassin, and the MM was upped for trial, and the moment he was upped, I got disconnected, this not only feels bad for me, but it looks really bad for everyone and pretty much closes a game that was supposed to last allot longer.

if you don’t mind, why does your internet disconnect on consistent intervals?

that seems like a problem :eyes:

It is, and it started last week as far as I know, or maybe it was there for a long time but it became a problem only last patch, I started noticing it only on Throne of Lies (but when Throne of lies disconnects, for 5-10 seconds ish, discord disconnects as well, so it is a problem on my side).

It is strange that I don’t have those disconnections in any other game though

you only disconnect in ToL, but when you do you also disconnect from discord?

that’s… really odd

I only notice it in discord immidiatly, if I browse the web and lose connection for 10 seconds I wouldn’t know since the web doesn’t just shut down because of the connection loss