Weekly Monday Discussion #6 - Queue Changes

Welcome to the Weekly Monday Discussion!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss ideas.

Interview with a Celebrity Queue Representative

Chloe: “Yo kat, what are your thoughts on my queue ideas?”

kat: "tbh we should poll it image"

Chloe: “Weekly Monday Discussion? :eyes:

kat: “no it’s thursday you can’t do this”

Chloe: “Of course I can.”

kat: “i will delete it”

Chloe: “Wtf number are we even on”

kat: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

DatBird: “6?”

Arete: “6.”

kat: angry noises

Chloe: “Okay I sent you guys a draft.”

kat: “where are the funny comments smh”

Chloe: adds something vaguely funny.

kat: “4/10. easily room for ‘its not monday’ banter by me smh”

Chloe: “fine.”

Please read all of these (And read them carefully) before responding!

Idea 1 - The mod/review team will use their best judgement to place games throughout the “Waiting to Start” portion of the queue, in order to maximize variety in terms of game size and game type. Reviewed games will no longer simply be placed at the bottom.

ie. We will attempt to make sure that there are not multiple mashes within a short period of time, or a large amount of vanilla setups clumped together. (This is similar to what we do now, but, rather than scrambling to find a small setup, we will have organization weeks/months beforehand).

Idea 2 - Create two queues. One for small games (15p maximum) and one for large games (more than 15 players). Reviewed games will be placed at the bottom of the respective queue.

Idea 3 - Create two queues. One for small and/or open/semi-open setups, and one for large and/or closed/rolemadness setups. Reviewed games will be placed at the bottom of the respective queue.

Idea 4 - Implement a scheduled queue system. Users will request a date for their game to run. Slots in the schedule will be pre-determined months beforehand, and will be separated based on gamesize. An example of a scheduled queue system is the Mafia Universe Queue.

Idea 5 - Change the queue system, but to something else. (Explain your idea in a reply)

Idea 6 - Don’t change anything.

The following poll has public results. Do not vote if you are not comfortable with people viewing your selection.
Results are always visible, but we suggest that you answer before looking at them, as to not bias your choice.

Multiple answers can be selected:
  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3
  • Idea 4
  • Idea 5
  • Idea 6

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Final note: The results of this poll and discussion may not reflect the mod/review team’s decision, but answers will be taken into consideration and play a role in our selection.

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I’m a centrist

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idea 4 is objectively the best


also voting all 6 options defeats the point of the poll

angry noises


cough cough ATNoName, Geyde

Idea 4 sounds based for hosts/players who have time constraints

ici votes every option EXCEPT for 5

and idea 3
i missed that

We used to have this

when? :flushed:

Look at early posts in the Queue Thread

we should change the queue to a free for all
best setups get the signups

I do like all 4 ideas btw

two queues leads to bigger games taking obscene amounts of time to actually come out
because they have to wait for other big games
given that a lot of fun big games are just in the 17p range, I think 2 is legitimately horrible

idea 3 is meh
smaller rolemadness games get shoved in the clogged queue for no good reason

idea 4 would work if we had modbot
but we don’t, do we

So in conclusion
All ideas other than ‘trying to figure it out manually’ suck
Scheduled queue is the only one that’s not 1 that I’m considering

remove it

I like the idea of havng more slots for smaller games because those tend to be enjoyable

what if we actually factored miscs into queue stuff

those take up playerbase

they run seperately but a danganronpa game for example requires a level of commitment to the game from players arguably similar to a game

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I think manual is fine, we can sprinkle in games and try to avoid an imbalance.

by we i mean the mods

have fun doing more work