Weekly Monday Discussion #7 - Moderation

lol just delete the mods stupid team awards

  1. Yes and no.
  2. None really
  3. Seemingly strange bounds on what is ok and what is not ok. What’s the line? Mod intervention into games from a setup perspective has historically failed…pretty much every single time
  4. Honestly no issues
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Keep the team awards but Chloe gets both award every time, regardless of if she’s in the game or not


  • Funny in-joke that we have
  • Stops team player award system disputes
  • Chloe team player award


  • Possibly none. Maybe perfect idea?

Here’s what you replace team awards with

Annual FoL awards


why the hell does this have so many likes dont feed his ego

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  • Do you think we are too lenient/strict regarding punishment lengths?
  • Do you think the Forum Mafia rules are in need of changing? If so, what would you change?
  • What is your biggest issue with the moderation system currently?
  • Do you have anything else you’d like to say, that the prior questions did not quite reach?
  1. No
  2. No
  3. You all are doing too good of a job that you’re making me look bad. Stahp
  4. The forums are doing great and you’re all doin’ fantastic, keep it up


  1. Actually fun
  2. Celebrates the community
  3. Focuses on the best, rather than mandating that something be chosen


  1. Requires effort
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sorry that im funnier than you :triumph:


Too lenient

Add a “no ‘bets’ in game based on the game rule” (such as “if x is town I’ll post a picture of me eating coins”) it sucks for integrity

Nothing atm



Wouldnt annual awards just have the same problem as team awards but just on a bigger scale of the entire year instead of one game

No, annual awards would be fun because there’d actually be a reason for them

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MC did annual awards last year, they were fun
MU does em every year as well

Sorry if this is a stupid question fjntkf

Why would it

The problems of team player awards are mostly stemming that it’s an every game thing trying to solve a problem that it doesn’t even fix

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I don’t actually take issue with team player awards, but they’re kinda just a pat on the back


the annual awards idea would be sick though, especially considering we’re still early on in the year!

My contention with the team player awards is that, as a system, it’s pointless
Why have a system that doesn’t work


Well that’s true

Bleh I’m stupid

That aside I don’t think there’s any problem with moderation though you all are based

the hot sauce was your own fault :wink:

More cross community events might be interesting