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This topic will outline this forum’s expectations, content, target audience, links and resources.

In this thread, youll find an introduction to ToL, along with all our links, forum rules, and about us.

This forum is used for questions, inquiries, strategies, suggestions, and support, in regards to Imperium42 or Throne of Lies. Overall, we are a community of gamers, players and devs alike :slight_smile:

Forum for Gamers
This forum is for players, backers, our affiliates, announcements, and any person interested in our games! You will even see i42 team members here, if your post is interesting enough :wink:

Why the forums?
With these forums, you can be part of the game-development process. Your suggestions and feedback will shape this game. We are gamers, too! We know how important community feedback is! This aside, you will hopefully find valuable information from us and others.


  1. No NSFW content
  2. Throne of Lies or Imperium42 content only, with the exception of off-topic category, as long as it’s not advertising or spam. If it’s advertising but similar to our game, PM a moderator for pre-approval to avoid banhammer.
  3. Be good ;D

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Links/Resources >> Throne of Lies

  1. ToL Official Site

  2. ToL @ Steam >> Buy it now

  3. ToL YouTube + Video Devblogs @

  4. ToL @ Twitter

  5. ToL @ FB

  6. ToL @ SoundCloud

Links/Resources >> Imperium42 Game Studio

  1. i42 Official Site

  2. i42 @ Steam Community